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4WD Touring Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Cairns and Tropical North Queensland is renowned for its rugged and exotic mountainous rainforest laced landscape. Much of the countryside is undeveloped, providing vast tracts of land perfect for the outdoor adventurer to go camping, fishing, hunting, and enjoy other outdoor activities whilst on a four wheel drive adventure. There is so much more to see and do in the Cairns Mountains, rainforest and outback canyons and gorges.

The best way to visit these spots is by 4WD – either you're in your own vehicle or with a professionally guided day tour operator. There are hundreds of tracks to test your off-road driving skills, varying in length from a few kilometers to hundreds of kilometers. Just ensure you leave a spare copy of your intended travel plans with a friend or family member just in case you get lost or break down in the rugged mountains or the outback and also always ensure you carry safety gear and plenty of water for the four wheel drive journey. Oh and keep a good eye out for those bouncy kangaroos, wild boars and the odd wild bull as they can do some serious damage to your four wheel drive vehicle. And if possible carry a sattelite telephone just in case of emergency.

4WD in the Daintree

One of the most famous four wheel drive tracks is from Cairns to Cape York, covering more than 3000 kilometers. Getting there and back in a private 4WD takes at least 4 days, but you'll experience rugged 4WDing, secluded camping, remote beaches and fantastic fishing. Along the way, travelers pass through small towns such as Cooktown, Coen and Weipa where supplies can be topped up.

When traveling on a 4WD adventure, please leave as little impact on the environment as possible. Drive only on marked tracks, watch out for wildlife, and take all your rubbish back home with you. Cairns and Tropical North Queensland is a fragile ecosystem, so thrashing it to bits with your tough 4 wheel drive isn't in anyone's interest.

Organised four wheel drive rainforest and outback tours are also available from Cairns where trained drivers take you on an overland rainforest or outback cave tour for one day, or weeklong trips. The drivers, whom have extensive knowledge of the region, can find all the hidden and most scenic four wheel driving spots in the surrounding Cairns region.

Cairns Four Wheel Drive Day Tours

Wilderness Eco Safaris – 4 WD Rainforest Day Tour

Cairns Wilderness Eco Safaris offer visitors the real deal on an authentic off road rainforest and jungle experience to see the Australian Rainforest Mountains in a four wheel drive vehicle that carries only 7 passengers on its day tour over the Cairns Lamb Ranges and the Atherton Tablelands.

Journey thru World Heritage Wet Tropics landscape on the mountains of Cairns in Queensland Australia. Traverse down the steep mountainous trails into the remote wilderness of Wilderness Eco Safaris exclusive restricted access rainforests that are rarely visited by others apart from scientific researchers that come here to document the rare plants and animal life that hide here.

In these quiet rainforest mountains you will see so many more Australian animals like the shy Platypus, Pretty Face and Agile Wallabies and maybe even spot the rare white Kangaroos that are known to frequent these ancient rainforest mountains. In the summer the four wheel drive trails can be a resting place for huge scrub pythons sunning themselves or an easy path for Goannas to make their way around the bush.

Your rainforest guide may even be kind enough to capture one for you to take some close up photographs of these wriggly reptiles.

Cairns Wilderness Eco Safaris four wheel drive day tour takes you into the land of the giants where you will see the largest and most ancient rainforest trees and plants in the world not seen on other Cairns Rainforest tours.

You will four wheel drive over flowing rivers and enjoy swimming in fresh mountain streams, rivers and rock pools and enjoy your meals and refreshments in the great out doors and the clean mountain air.

Cairns Wilderness Eco Safaris Four Wheel driving adventures are a multi award winning tour company for the tourist that wants to see the real and rugged World Heritage rainforests of Cairns.

Wilderness Eco Safaris: Rainforest Adventure.

Wilderness Eco Safaris Pricing Tour Information Photo Gallery  

Depart Cairns

08.00am - 5.00pm

Adult: $179.00

Child: $179.00

A rainforest adventure for the true naturalist that wants to see the real rugged raw rainforests of Cairns and the secrets that they hold. Traverse Mountain trails in a four wheel drive with six other guests and swim in pristine rivers and swimming holes. Spot the rare White Kangaroo in the Land of the Giants or see your guide handle a huge scrub python, learn about the healing properties of the flora and fauna that surrounds you and relax and enjoy a ploughman's lunch in the serenity of the Cairns Rainforests. Wilderness Eco Safaris have Exclusive Restricted Access permits so you are visiting areas of vital research importance. Book Early!

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Depart Beaches Trinity Beach and Palm Cove 07.30am - 5.30pm

Adult: $184.00

Child: $184.00

Private Charter Rates

Cairns 1 - 4 People: $910.00

Beaches 1 - 4 People: $930.00

Extra Person: $90.00 P/ Person

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