Helifishing in Far North Queensland

There are some fishing places in Australia you simply can't reach by vehicle.

Remote terrain, far too challenging for any 4WD prevents us from reaching those golden spots where we'd just love to throw a line in and reel home a big one.

But helifishing changes all that. This is fishing for the 21st century.

Cairns Helifishing in Far North Queensland

Helifishing safaris usually extend for 3 days or more, and visitors are taken to remote jungle streams where barramundi, mangrove jacks, and saratoga are plentiful.

The locations accessible to helicopter are numberless, so on a helifishing safari visitors experience fishing on a level very few of us can dream of.
Imagine dropping a line into a river that has never had a powered boat in it.

Or teasing the flatheads whom have never experienced humans before. You'll catch a bigger variety of fish than you can imagine, and probably more of them too.

The benefits of a helifishing adventure don't stop just at fishing however. You'll also take in amazing scenery, go crocodile spotting, hunt for other animals, and enjoy the seclusion of the Australian outback. You can cover more ground in three days of helicopter traveling than a 4WD can do in weeks.

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