Crystal Cascades Cairns, Australia

Crystal Cascades is one of the secrets of Tropical North Queensland that locals wish they could hide from visitors.

It is a secluded freshwater swimming hole, hidden in a tropical rainforest. A series of small waterfalls flow into large pools surrounded by large impressive granite boulders.

Rainforest trees hang over the mountain water, keeping it cool and refreshing. There are also council managed and cleaned barbeques and picnic tables in the area with a toilet/change room block close-by.

For most, the only way of discovering the presence of Crystal Cascades is by being told by a local, or unwittingly following road signs to the unique surrounding places.

Crystal Cascades becomes increasingly popular during the summer months of the year especially with groups of backpackers, local residents and families all enjoying the refreshing cold mountain waters and the local wildlife that these rainforests attract.

Self-drive details below

Crystal Cascades Cairns, Australia

How to get to Crystal Cascades Fresh Water Swimming Holes

Even though Crystal Cascades is very popular with Cairns locals, it is not serviced by public transport or a half day tour. The only way to get to these water holes are by taxi, hitch hiking (which we do not recommend) or with your own rental car. Be warned however, there is no mobile phone reception in the area, so if you're hoping to call a cab to drive you back into town you may be in a spot of bother.

Distance from Cairns city centre is 17.5 kilometres and about 18 minutes driving time

If you are begining your drive to Crystal Cascades from Cairns go north along Sheridan Street and turn left at James Street (which changes to Anderson Street at the roundabout near the cemetary). Continue along this road to the roundabout staying in the right hand lane and move thru travelling just a few hundred metres on Pease Street and turning right at Highway 91 or the Cairns Western Arterial and then left on Redlynch Connection Road. You need to stay in the left lane as you approach the roundabout following the Redlynch Intake road all the way to Crystal Cascades.

From the iconic Red Beret Pub, the swimming hole is about 10 kilometres away.

It a very scenic journey travelling thru this area as it is lush and green 

Please note:- It is very dangerous to jump off the high granite boulders and from trees into the waterhole 

Also there are no camping facilities at Crystal Cascades swimming hole however there is a nice caravan park called Big4 Cairns Crystal Cascades and they have eco villas and family villas for overnight accommodation so for bookings call 07 4039 1036 

The entry to the waterholes is from the public car park with a 1.2 kilometre well maintained pathway ( about a 30 minute walk) Crystal Cascades is linked to the mighty Lake Morris (the city's resevoir which is sight to see on it's own for another half day thing to do and see) 

This area is part of the Barron Gorge National Park