Australian Venom Zoo in Kuranda, Australia

Located in 'wildlife central' in the heart of Kuranda is Far North Queensland's newest wildlife attraction, the Australian Venom Zoo.

The Australian Venom Zoo's primary focus is on captive breeding and displaying venomous animals that will one day be responsible for producing some of the most advanced medicines in the world.

The majority of animals at the Australian Venom Zoo are unique to Australia and in some cases have never before been seen. The zoo believes the education of the general public is an essential step in understanding the importance of Australia's venomous animals.

As well as milking these venomous animals for a sustainable supply of venom for bio-pharmaceutical screening, they are breed a large number of at the Australian Venom Zoo for the expanding pet trade industry.

Staff at the zoo are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Australia’s unique venomous wildlife and have appeared in a number of internationally acclaimed wildlife documentaries.

Currently, the main focus is on Australian Tarantulas, centipedes and scorpions however we will eventually expand to include Venomous Australian snakes, jellyfish, cone-snails, insects and other dangerous aquatic creatures.

This is a unique wildlife experience as the Australian Wildlife Zoo are the only zoo of its kind in the world and are the only registered breeders of Australian Tarantulas.

Join their passion and drop into the Australian Venom Zoo at Kuranda.

Snakes at Australia's Venom Zoo