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Paronella Park - The Darkness Falls Tour

Cairns Tablelands

By day, Paronella Park is a vibrant, bustling pleasure garden complete with colourful exotic gardens, curious rainforest creatures and visitors that have travelled from far and near to admire the old Spanish Castle ruins and abundant natural beauty. As dusk begins to fall however Paronella Park becomes somewhat quiet. The forest birds begin to nest for the night and other travellers begin their journey home. The Darkness Falls Tour is the last tour daily at Paronella Park and commences at 6.20 pm and lasts the duration of an hour. This is a most unusual tour, and allows visitors a unique insight into the secrets of the ruins and gardens of Paronella Park.

The Darkness Falls Tour begins as dusk starts to fall over the canopy of the forest and Castle ruins. Each visitor is given a torch to light their way through the myriad of meandering paths that are soon bathed in dancing shadows and soft moonlight. Two sections of Paronella Park are floodlit at night - the waterfall and lower refreshment room. The light dancing on the cascading water is a spectacle, and allows the natural beauty of the waterfall to be appreciated in a new and unique way. As visitors carefully descend the 'Grand Staircase' they are greeted by the illuminated lower refreshment rooms. The warm glow from the 'Café by the Pool' falls over the surrounding manicured gardens and exotic forest plants, providing a delightfully picturesque setting.

The artistic and passionate side of Jose Paronella (the creator of Paronella Park) is showcased on the Darkness Falls Tour. The unique and distinctive architecture and design of his 'commercial pleasure gardens' lends itself to be appreciated by night. The ruins lay amongst the lush rainforest shrouded in darkness. On warm still nights the sounds of insects and crickets seeking mates travel through the grounds. The senses are alive, invigorated by the sounds of the forest and immense beauty of the Australian landscape bathed in moonlight. As the tour group continues to slowly explore the park it becomes apparent they're not alone

Tropical Horizons Tours: Waterfalls and Paronella Park - Day Tour

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Tour 5:

Waterfalls and Paronella Park

07.30am - 6.30pm

07.00am - 7.00pm

Adult: $183.00

Child: $120.00


Pensioner: $183.00

Family $583.00
2 Adults & 2 Children

Ancient Volcano crater lakes, waterfalls, wildlife and a Spanish Castle in the rainforest as the piece de resistance. Small group Atherton Tablelands tour With multi lingual guides. You cover all the main attractions like the Mungalli Organic Dairy, the Curtain Fig Tree mixed with a bit of Platypus spotting

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Paronella Park is home to a variety of nocturnal forest creatures that come alive at night. As dusk falls, the large colony of Flying Foxes that reside at Paronella Park take flight into the forest for nightly feeds. Bats are prevalent at Paronella Park, and as visitors look at the vast night sky they will often spot the distinctive creatures eerily illuminated by moonlight. There are a variety of other forest creatures that prefer the eve at Paronella Park such as possums and bandicoots. The freshwater river that winds through Paronella Park provides the perfect place to try and spot the elusive platypus that come out to play at dusk. The nocturnal animals of Paronella Park are one of the many secret delights that can only be experienced in the Darkness Falls Tour.

Paronella Park is nestled on 13 acres of exotic gardens and lush tropical forest that features freshwater streams, cascading waterfalls and of course the remnants of Jose Paronella's dream Spanish Castillo. The Darkness Falls Tour encapsulates the very best of the Spanish ruins and 'commercial pleasure gardens' and guests can experience the very best of these atmospheric parklands by night. The Paronella Park evening tour is a remarkable and unique experience that is a 'must do' on a Cairns Tropical North Queensland vacation.

Paronella Park by night - the most eerily atmospheric tour in Tropical North Queensland….


Paronella Park is located on the Southern Cairns Highlands, a 1.5 hour drive South from Cairns City. The Cairns Highlands is renowned for its fertile agricultural land, gourmet produce and temperate climate.

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