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Daintree Tours -Billy Tea Safaris 4WD vehicle

Daintree Rainforest Tours - Cape Tribulation Rainforest - Bloomfield Track - Emmagen Creek 


We are an award winning Advanced Eco Tourism Certified Cairns based Four Wheel Driving rainforest and outback touring company that visits regions in and around Cairns to show guests the secrets of the world’s oldest rainforests and showcase the great Australian Outback and its caves.

Your Daintree rainforest tour day begins with boarding our custom built 4WD vehicle for a very early morning transfer from your hotel accommodation in Cairns the Northern Beaches and Port Douglas.

We collect you early so you don’t miss seeing any of the animal activity at its peak times which are early morning and late afternoon as it is cooler and this is the time they come out to forage around on the Daintree & Cape Tribulation rainforest floors.

Breath Taking Scenery

As you drive along the Captain Cook Highway in our high seats with big windows you will be amazed with the breath taking scenery of the coastline, then as you go through coastal cane farming communities of the regions of Mossman, and then onto the majestic rainforest mountains of Cape Tribulation and Daintree World Heritage Rainforests.

Daintree Rainforest - Things to Do and Things to See

Your first stop experience of the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest will be Morning Tea at a very interesting tea house and then it's all aboard a river boat to cruise down the Majestic Daintree River with your Naturalist Guide.

On this tour you will see the elusive Estuarine Crocodiles, Snakes, and an array of birdlife beautiful butterflies and many other species of wildlife so make sure you have your camera ready and hands inside the boats as you are about to see some very ferocious animals on the Daintree River.

After your Daintree River cruise you then reboard your Safaris 4WD Vehicle to traverse the picturesque Alexandra Range for photo opportunities, enjoy an elevated guided National Park Boardwalk to learn more about the indigenous flora and fauna and the rainforest history and its inhabitants.

By this time everyone is getting hungry again so it's off to enjoy an Aussie barbeque lunch (dietary requirements catered for on advice) and to see some native Australian wildlife and even hand feed Kangaroos.

Once everyone is satisfied and had a good look around we then climb aboard our custom built four wheel drive safari vehicle to explore some parts of the famous 4WD Bloomfield Track to see ancient rainforest trees, pristine crystal rivers and to look for the elusive Southern Cassowary, Australia’s largest flightless bird.

We will have this tranquil place all to ourselves far away form the well worn tourist trails so we can then enjoy a swim in a pristine cool mountain stream Emmagen Creek, whilst savouring some of the local exotic Tropical fruits and a traditional cup of Billy Tea and Australian Damper.

Now it is time to visit Cape Tribulation Beach to learn about history and to admire the beauty of this magical place where the World Heritage Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.

After wandering along some rainforest boardwalks and hiking to look outs we then start the journey back to Cairns but first we enjoy a home made tropical ice cream from the famous Daintree Ice-Creamery before boarding the Daintree Cable Ferry and re-crossing the majestic Daintree River on our way home.(ice-cream at own expense)

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Daintree Rainforest Tours | Cape Tribulation | 4WD Bloomfield Track | BT
  • Location: Cairns, Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Cairns Beaches, Trinity Beach, Thala Beach, Yorkeys Knob, Clifton B
  • Duration:

    10.5 hours (approx)

The most talked about four wheel drive Daintree Rainforest tour to Cape Tribulation in Tropical North Queensland. Go where no others go and see things no others will see. Small groups in custom built 4 wheel drive overland vehicles, personal tour guide, 1 hour Daintree River Cruise to see ferocious crocodiles and lot's of other rainforest wildlife, Walks on National Park elevated Boardwalks thru the rainforest, Explore the famous 4WD Bloomfield Track, Hand Feed Kangaroos, A refreshing mountain water swim at Emmagen Creek, M & A Tea, Tropical BBQ Lunch(specify dietary requirements), See beautiful Cape Tribulation Beach, Cable Ferry Crossing and much more...

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Chillagoe Caves & Outback Cairns | BT
  • Location: Cairns, Port Douglas (extra cost), Palm Cove & Cairns Beaches
  • Duration:

    12 hours (approx)

The famous Chillagoe Caves are a drawcard for caving enthusiasts and inquisitive explorers and history buffs. Join our small personalised guided tour to explore outback Queensland on this highly recommended day tour. Cruise on the Mareeba Wetlands & enjoy a Morning Tea, Delicious Aussie Pub Lunch Guided tour of Chillagoe caves, Tour of Chillagoe Smelters, See lot's of native Australian animals, 420 million year old coral reefs, the ultimate day in the outback.

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Adhil Mohamed

16 Oct 2014


The family saw this tour to the rainforest and said they want to book it so we booked on line in Dubai and we are very happy we did. Billy Tea driver very good information enjoyed tour greatly thank you Adhil

Amanda S

19 Sep 2012

Wales (UK)

We visited Chillagoe caves with our kids. This was our first visit to such natural caves and we all immensely enjoyed it. The guide was very informative and told us everything we needed to know about the caves and the surrounding areas. The tour also visited the Mareeba Wetlands and we saw lots of birdlife and even some emus. This was an amazing tour and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to see the outback west of Cairns.

paula cooper

06 Sep 2012


I highly recommend this tour, the Daintree was superb. I was so happy to have spotted many crocs on the Daintree River. I enjoyed my swin at Emmagen Creek with the fish.

Caiitlin Ferguson

16 Jun 2012


I went on the Chillagoe Caves trip and I have to say the guide was brilliant. It was a really nice change up from the tropical side of Cairns to heading inland and getting to see the outback. The caves are well worth the visit. Thanks again Billy Tea.

Danielle Gardinia

05 Mar 2012


I wanted a guided experience and I certainly got it. John was so friendly and he was with us for the entire day and explained everything. He even let me sit up the front as I sometimes get car sick. It was a wonderful day and I feel I really saw the rainforest in the best possible way.

Mike Donovan

21 Jan 2012


Had such a pleasant day. Our guide was brilliant and I really like the crocodile cruise. nothing beats seeing them in the wild.

Bell Hopkins

26 Dec 2011


I had an wondeful time on the trip with my husband. The swim in the creek at the end was worth every bit of the journey.

Gregory Stern

27 Nov 2011


Fantastic Day Out! We saw lots of crocodiles on the daintree river cruise and loved the views from alexander lookout. Hightlight had to be the tropical fruit tasting with traditional tea to drink. Thank you to our driver and all the passengers on board.

Barry Cooper

07 Sep 2011

Alice Springs

Guides were so helpful, I swear that man knows everything there is to know about the rainforest.. and then some. No complaints here, I had such an excellent day on the daintree tour that I did the chillagoe trip the very next day. Barry

christina james

01 Jun 2011


As a local I do not get out in my backyard enough so I decided that I would grab my girlfriend and get of the couch and go trekking to Cape Tribulation with Billy Tea Bush Safaris. It was an early morning start but that was ok as we did not play up the night before and we were met by our driver host for the day who had a very welcoming cheesy grin to meet us. We got to ride in the brand new overland truck in the nice comfy seats that ride up high so you can see everything. Trip to Cape Trib was informative and scenic along the way and the first activity we got into was crocodile spotting. It was our lucky day as we saw a huge male and two females on the river banks. Then it was off into the magical rainforest and boardwalks and beaches. Our host gave us lots of information we would never see or learn about if we went here by ourselves so we were fully informed about the importance of preserving our rainforests and its endangered inhabitants. We went swimming in a crystal clear creek which was freezing and tasted tropical fruits that I have never been game to buy. Great BBQ lunch a play with kangaroos and wallabies and then off for some exotic tropical fruit ice cream on the journey home. We had the best day! Thank you Billy Tea for showing us our beautiful backyard you guys do it so well and your drivers are fabulous. Well done to you!

Tracey Finegan

10 Feb 2011


This trip, was mostly for my husband as he is a keen 4wdriver and was very excited to see the bloomfield track. But i was pleasantly suprised at just how much I enjoyed this trip. It really is for everyone. The food was of a very high standard and the guides were all very informative. The swim was my favorite, refreshing me and satisfying me for the day. Thank you billy tea safaris, for keeping us both happy.

Dawn James

24 Jan 2011

Gold Coast

We are so pleased we found this site and this tour. We spoke to the owner of the business when we booked and I am so happy we went with Billy Tea. The guide was very informative and explained everything in detail. We had a great day and learnt so much. We will recommend you to all our friends.

Blythe Rallo

19 Dec 2010

A self drive of the Daintree just did not do it for me... The Daintree and Cape Tribulation tour with Billy Tea Bush Safari's opened my eyes to how much I had missed out on during my self drive and how much more I saw while being guided! Finn, our tour guide, did an excellent job and there was nothing he couldn't answer for us in regards to the Daintree Rainforest. My Bloomfield Track photos are just stunning. We saw crocodiles on our river cruise, tasted tropical fruit, swam in Emmagen Creek and had lunch with the Kangaroos too! I am very glad I chose to travel with Billy Tea Bush Safari's.