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You have now arrived to see one of the seven wonders of the natural world so why not do it in style and without the crowds. Our fast moving streamlined machine will have you on Australia's Great Barrier Reef in just 90 minutes from Cairns.

Limited to only a small group of 60 passengers but built to carry 120 you can lounge around in style and receive personalised service from the attentive boat crew members. Our company motto is "Diving the Reef is our Passion but "Sharing it is our Obsession" and this rings true once you board this boutique style dive and snorkel boat

Departure From Cairns Queensland Australia

We depart from the Marlin Marina in Cairns city at 8.00am and return between 4.00pm and 4.30pm giving you 5 full hours of snorkeling and scuba diving on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The cruise out in this high speed catamaran only takes a maximum of ninety minutes to reach your first outer Barrier Reef dive and snorkel location.

The first of two pristine coral reef systems that the skipper will choose to take you based on the days weather, wind, currents, visibility and marine activity.

The Cairns Dive & Snorkel Experience

When you travel with us to the Great Barrier Reef you know you are in good hands as we have been exploring the Great Barrier Reef daily with our passengers for over 24 years. We have one of the best state of the art boats in the Cairns fleet which offers speed comfort and all the luxuries of a small bespoke cruise boat.

With a crew ratio of only five passengers to each crew member your day will not only be memorable but the personal attention will have you leaving the boat as a friend.

With a choice of 17 different dive and snorkel locations only 50 klms off shore from Cairns to choose from each day you can be assured you will see some of the best coral and marine species in the world today on your Great Barrier Reef trip.

Introductory Scuba Diving

If you were thinking of trying Scuba Diving for the first time then this is the perfect opportunity as you will be accompanied by a maximum of three other introductory divers along with your qualified dive instructor. Firstly you will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire and you must be 12 years of age and over and medically fit. You will be diving down to a maximum depth of around 12 metres to see the secrets of the reef up close and you can expect to enjoy this first time experience for around 20 to 35 minutes.

All dive instruction is done on the boat whilst cruising out to the reef and all high quality dive equipment is included along with both short and long wet suits.

If you absolutely loved your first ever Introductory Scuba Dive and want to try it again then make sure you let your dive master know that you would like to sign up for the next reef location of the day.

Once you dive the second reef you will really discover just how wonderful and amazing the Cairns Great Barrier Reef is as no two dive locations are the same. Each one has different coral varieties which means different marine life are then attracted to it making every one a joy to see. Then you will know why people get hooked on diving and want to dive the worlds oceans.

Certified Scuba Diving on Cairns Great Barrier Reef

Are you a Certified Scuba Diver? Then welcome aboard, you will be able to experience three unique certified scuba dives in locations that are full of marine life, caverns and swim thru's, walls and isolated pinnacles with no crowds and no waiting time to get into the water.

If you travel to the reef with us you can be guaranteed you will not visit any two locations you may have seen the previous day as our guarantee is to be the best and show you the best that the Cairns Great Barrier Reef has to offer.

We only use the highest quality Scubapro equipment, Uwatec Aladin Pro Dive computers, Liberator masks and Tusa imprex fins and booties. If you like to carry your own gear then we can provide the tanks and weights.

Scuba diving with us gives you the choice to go off with your scuba buddy or with one of our instructors and if you are a sporting Nitrox Scuba Diver then you are on the right boat.

PADI or SSI Referral Courses

Now your hooked on scuba diving but you have not yet had the time to finish your certification course before hitting Cairns then don't worry you can complete your course on our two day SSI Referral Course or the 4 day PADI Open Water Course. Just bring along your manuals and current certification paperwork along with an Australian medical certificate and two passport photos and you are on your way to discovering the worlds oceans.

If you do not want to sleep on the reef but still complete your 4 Day PADI Open Water Course then that's fine you can spend two days in the pool and classroom completing the theory side of things and then get out on the reef for the last two days using your new found passion for scuba diving.

Our Small Group Great Barrier Reef Boat |Snorkel & Dive trips Cairns

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Cairns Snorkel & Dive Tour | Great Barrier Reef Day Trip | T6
  • Location: Cairns Marlin Marina
  • Duration:

    9 hours (approx)

Carrying only 60 passengers and guaranteeing to visit different coral reefs sites every day you simply must book a dive and snorkel tour with us. If you are a certified nitrox diver then we are the boat for you. The perfect Great Barrier Reef tour for learner divers as we have a high crew to guest ratio and plenty of space on board

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Gupta Menezes

23 Apr 2012

Panaji, INDIA

I travelled around Australia for three weeks and found it to be very beautiful. I was very excited to go to barrier reef and tusa really made my day special. I had a wonderful time. Thank you.

Maeta Singh

11 Mar 2012


We booked this tour with our hotel tour desk and I just wanted to say that it was the most fantastic and memorable tour of our lives! Extemely worth it! We swam with a shark nearby! Thanks once again! Best wishes

Thomas Fellows

21 Jan 2012


The staff were very accomodating. My wife and I were only snorkelling and we were worried that we had signed ourselves up for a dive boat, but there seemed to be alot of snorkellers. We were taken to lots of sites where there was both shallow areas for snorkellers and deeper waters for divers. The coral was colourful and there was variety of fish. Thank you for a wonderful experience of the Great Barrier Reef.

Sharon James

13 Dec 2011

Gold Coast

I had a fantastic day out on this boat just over a week ago. We went to two great snorkelling spots and I took the guided snorkelling Tour. The crew are very friendly, food was great, and the attention paid to all guests was outstanding. I would recommend this Tour to anyone looking for either a snorkelling or Diving adventure where you are guaranteed to see the best the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. Commendations to all the Crew!!

christina james

06 Dec 2011


I was fortunate enough to go out on an agents famil on the new Tusa 6 on sunday with my family and we absolutely loved the new boat. She went thru the water without a bump so we did not have one seasick person at all and the winds were at 10-15-20 knots. We went to Hastings reef and saw an epelet shark (not sure what it is called but apparently very rare) huge Maori Wrasse and masses of other rather large fish and lots of schools of smaller colourful fish. I actually learnt more about the Cairns Great Barrier Reef from the cruise director who took us on a snorkel adventure than I have on any other boat so a big thank you to him (sorry forgot your name) All of the crew were great, the food great the boat extremely comfortable and the reef beautiful. Thank you Phillip, Katrina and all the team at Tusa 6 we loved your boat.

Bridget Hughes

26 Nov 2011


Tusa is my favorite company out on the reef. I had a totally new experience with them and i saw the reef at its best.

Lucy Rincker

12 Nov 2011

United Kingdom

Tusa thanks for a great day, beautiful new boat your crew were very proud of it and they were cool Hopefully see you and the Great Barrier Reef again

Leonard Tompkin

27 Sep 2011


Tusa you rock, windy day but when you are on the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef who cares. We scuba dived two great sites awesome marine life and great coral Cheers guys see you again hopefully in the near future

Aaron Finklestein

28 Aug 2011


Yahoo I got to go scuba diving on the brand spanking new Tusa Boat T6 to the outer reef from Cairns. I am a certified diver and I can tell you the reef locations they take you to are the best. They choose the best two sites every single day based on the weather so your Great Barrier Reef experience is awesome! Thanks Tusa I''ll be back!

Joan and Doug Collier

10 Aug 2011

Tumbridge Wells, UK

We went out on tusa two days in a row, and both days were so different because with so many reefs sites to choose from they picked sites that we hadn't gone to yet. The diving was incredible. Couldn't be happier with our first trip to Australia.

Cheryl White

04 Aug 2011


The Cairns Holiday Specialists Team were very helpful, including recommending the Tusa/T5 operator to visit the great barrier reef. The staff on the boat were fantastic - my mum has significant mobility issues and they helped her on and off the boat 3 times, plus gave her and my dad personal (as in 2 guest to 1 staff member) snorkel tours. They also got my hubby (who dislikes putting his face in the water) back in the water for the second reef, I could not thank them enough for their help. Skipper even found a whale in between the reefs! That day was by far the highlight of our trip.

Brogan Madden

01 Jul 2011


The dive sites on this company are fantastic. Colourful coral and a wealth of marine life was all I needed fromt his trip. :)

Ian Strange

26 Jun 2011


The most INCREDIBLE experience of my life occured on this boat, as it was my first diving experience. Colourful fish and marine life can be seen for miles at miln reef. I liked the small numbers, certainly made the trip very personal and the staff were always very helpful and informative with all of my questions. Thank you.

Lukas Englehart

01 May 2011


I really enjoyed the introductory dives that tusa offered. They did this thing where we got to slowly go down the rungs of a ladder, getting deeper. They checked all of my equipment for me and made sure I felt very safe all the time. Thanks to the staff for doing all the hard stuff while I got to just swim and see all the cool fish and turtles. :)

Amy Crowe

17 Apr 2011

Petuka, South Australia

Tusa Dive was such an incredible day out. The water was so pristine and there was such good visibilty. They had a photographer on board who took some really great photographs of me in amoungst the coral and clown fish. I did two introductory dives and found my guide really helpful and informative and he certainly put my mind at ease. I swam through a cave and snorkeled above some of the most colourful fish. The food was yummy! and the whole day was of a very high standard. Thank you to the crew for all there help.

Kierston Young

10 Apr 2011


WOW I had the most amazing day out with these guys. The staff are solid champs and the food was soooooo good. I did diving for the first time and saw so much. Will definately come back to Cairns.

Harry Coughlan

04 Apr 2011

Northern Territory

I was really impressed my Tusa Dive's excellent service and delicious food. And the site's we went to were just so spectacular. I saw some of the most colourful sea life and a couple of turtles. Thank you for a lovely day out, I will certainly be back.