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Cairns Reef Trip: Only 25 Guests - Pinnacle Reef Snorkel & Scuba Dive Tour

Enjoy our small group boat tour for a day on the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns to snorkel and dive Pinnacle Reef all to yourselves. We  are the only Cairns reef tour company with a permit to explore this reef and enjoy the underwater world to ourselves. This is a very unspoilt reef and it offers a lot of coral varieties and abundant marine life. We are a boutique Great Barrier Reef tour and only have 25 guests on board which makes for a very personalised day at the reef.

Take A Yacht To Green Island 

Have you ever dreamed of taking off and sailing around the world to destinations you have only heard about to learn and explore yourself with the freedom of the wind to take you along. Well stop dreaming here is your chance to live or have a taste of what it is like to sail, for one day at least, on a stunning 16 meter Schooner.

We cruise to Pinnacle Reef our exclusive mooring just off beautiful Green Island on The Great Barrier Reef. The fun begins when leaving the Cairns Marlin Marina you get to join in with hoisting the sails with your new shipmates or you can just kick back relax and enjoy the scenery as you sail by.

When we reach Pinnacle Reef just off Green Island you can choose to either Scuba Dive or snorkel around for a few hours until the lunch bell rings and you climb back on board to share your Great Barrier Reef stories with others on board the boat.

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet with food galore to satisfy any hungry salty sailor. Once you have finished dining more fun begins with transfers to and from the boat by tender to visit Green Island. You can go back and forth to Green Island throughout the afternoon for a bit of exploring, shopping or more relaxation.

Green Island has its own five star resort with a spa and restaurants and you can even hire kayaks, take a scenic helicopter flight ove the reef, visit Marineland Melanasia where the resident man eating Crocodiles put on a display for you at feeding time or you can see up close the rescued Green Sea Turtles that are here for rehabilitation.

There are lots of things to do on Green Island but for the best snorkelling you need to be out in the waters around Pinnacle Reef to see the best that the Cairns Great Barrier Reef has to offer.

Our boat crew are always on the lookout for passing Humpback and Dwarf Minke Whales in the months of June to September as they travel thru this pristine body of water either heading north to calve in the shallow trenches of the coral reefs up at Agincourt and then returning south to the colder waters once the calf has gained a bit of weight and strength to swim along with mum.

Around Green Island are healthy sea grass beds that Dugong feed on along with the Island being a favourite nesting place for the Green Sea turtle. If you really want to live out your dreams then a day on a sailing boat tour from Cairns to one of the most ultimate destinations in the world the Great Barrier Reef and Green Island then this is it.

All meals are included from the moment you step aboard our reef tour and the only extras are snack items such as soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Come with us on our personalised Great Barrier Reef tour from Cairns and spend your day with our amazing crew. You will leave our boat as a friend not a tourist just passing thru.


Sailing tours Great Barrier Reef Australia

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Great Barrier Reef Tours | Only 25 Guests | Snorkel & Dive Tour
  • Location:
  • Duration:

    9 hours (approx.) including sailing time

    4.5 hours (approx) at Pinnacle Reef & Green Island

Our small number of passengers, only 25*, ensures a truly personalised and unforgettable Great Barrier Reef trip. Jump on board and join us for a day moored off beautiful Green Island at Pinnacle Reef for some great snorkelling and scuba diving. Take a ride in the tender over to explore Green Island and all it has to offer day guests. But book early as we only cater to a small number of guests each day for our sailing adventures on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

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jeannette watkins

24 Nov 2011

England but live in Cyprus

Me hubby Daughter son in law and 2 grandsons went on Ocean Free in January 2011 we had a fabulous day the staff were great,so good in fact that our other daughter hubby and granddaughter are going to visit our daughter who lives over in Adelaide and they are going to Cairns for a week and are going on Ocean free,i'd recommend it to anybody,thanks again for a great day. Jeannette

Risa Takahashi

08 May 2011


I liked the boat, reef and staff very much. Thank you for a nice day out.

Robb Innis

02 May 2011


I am a keen sailer and that's why I chose to see the reef with the wind in my sails. I was impressed with the level of customer service I recieved as well as the quality of the food. So thank you ocean free.

Kirin McWilliams

28 Mar 2011


There are some wikid staff on this sail boat aye. I suggest everyone get on it, because seriously some quality reef and some good times and maybe some beers with the boys. what more could you want aye? saw so many cool sea creatures and the food was so good. Just thanks heaps to the crew.

Peter Burke

08 Mar 2011


I have never been in a sailboat before so this day out was a very nice experience for me. I went snorkelling and saw 2 turtles and a clown fish. It was a very nice up close and personal experience with the reef. Thank you to all the staff on board.

Jimmy Burns

26 Feb 2011

New York

Fantastic day well done everyone can't believe how amazing the introductory dive was totally awesome

Jordy Wright

10 Feb 2011


Thank you Ocean free for a very entertaining day out on the Great Barrier Reef. The staff were so very nice, as I am not a strong swimmer providing with with a life jacket so I could go snorkeling for the first time. I saw the biggest fish and so many starfish. The food was excellent and the sun was out, what more could I ask for. :)