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Crystal Cascades Abseiling & Canyoning Tours

Cairns in Far North Tropical Queensland is blessed with some of the world's oldest and most amazing tropical rainforests, mountains and waterfalls that sit beside the Great Barrier Reef with both attractions enticing millions of visitors annually to explore this fresh uncrowded, breathtaking part of Australia. 

Just a 23 minute coach ride or a 19.6klm drive from Cairns and you can be enjoying the scenic waterfalls of Crystal Cascades. This beautiful gorge has been a well kept secret spot for locals to cool off and enjoy for many years but now it has been opened up to small group canyoning tours.

Crystal Cascades Tours 

Guests are collected from their Cairns accommodation and driven out to the gorge with only a small group of other guests looking for an adrenaline pumping tour. 

Our Crystal Cascades abseiling tours are suitable for everyone as well as families with children who can swim and are aged from 8 years and older. 

It's a 6 hour tour in the mountains and lush green rainforest where our abseiling and canyoning guides will hook you up and show you how to explore Far North Queensland in a more exciting way than a calm nature walk in the forest. 

Crystal Cascades Canyoning Tour Inclusions

  • Five abseils up to 32 metres (104ft)
  • Rockslides and waterfalls swimming
  • Four rock jumps
  • A 30 metre zip line with water splashdown 
  • Light lunch and refreshments
  • Padded shorts, helmet, socks, shoes, carabiners, harness

Our adrenaline tours are about fun, excitement and a way to really shake of the stresses of life for a while and immerse yourself in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Our canyoning tours are world class and create with utmost safety as a top priority for everyone to experience and enjoy. 

As this is a small group tour we suggest you book your seat early or you may miss out!

If you are adventure seekers wishing to see all the rainforests, waterfalls and attractions in Cairns then take a look at our Behana Gorge canyoning tour here, our Babinda Boulders tour, our Josephine Falls tour and Lake Barrine tours.  

Crystal Cascades Cairns Canyoning Tour | Abseiling, Cliff Jumping, Rock Sliding Adventure | Half Day Tour
  • Location: Meet at Allbout Cairns, 58 Grafton St, Cairns City
  • Duration:

    6 hours (approx)

Join our small group Crystal Cascades abseiling and canyoning tours in the wonderful mountains and rainforests behind Cairns. Our world class canyoning and abseiling tours can be enjoyed by adrenaline seekers and families alike. It's a 6 hour tour that immerses you in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world

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