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Low Isles glass bottom boat coral viewing tour

Take a Barrier Reef tour to Low Isles a tropical island paradise that lays just a short distance from the world famous village of Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef Sit back in the club style seating and enjoy your cruise on the luxury 30 meter catamaran Wavedancer in air conditioned comfort A fabulous day snorkeling and exploring the soft coral reef that is home to a wide array of colourful tropical reef fish A fully catered day so you only need to bring your swimmers, towel, hat and sunscreen and a great sense of adventure

Wavedancer Low Isles is part of the multi-award winning Quicksilver Group - Australian and Queensland Tourism Awards Hall of Fame Winner.

Low Isles Reef Cruise Port Douglas Wavedancer

Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef Islands from Port Douglas is easy. The Low Isles are two idealic tropical islands sitting just 13 kilometers or a 75 minute cruising boat ride off shore from the Port Douglas Marina in Queensland Australia.

The Low Isles are very popular for families of all age groups and day visitors looking for a short boat ride journey to the Great Barrier Reef for some snorkelling and glass bottom boat tours.

Low Isles Port Douglas is an idyllic, unspoilt sandy coral island that has gently sloping beaches leading into the calm lagoon waters that are just ideal for the children to snorkel and swim in the warm tropical waters. Low Isles is located on the inner Great Barrier Reef and is a protected tropical turtle nesting island paradise that is surrounded by soft corals that are home to a huge array of colourful tropical fish and other marine life.

The Great Barrier Reef Boat

Take a cruise out to Low Isles sailing aboard the luxury 30 metre sailing catamaran Wavedancer, Wavedancer provides stable sailing and is the perfect reef boat for families and couples seeking a relaxed island style experience and crystal clear waters for snorkeling Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Coach Transfers to the Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef Marina

As you board your coach transfer from your holiday apartment from Cairns or the Cairns Northern Beaches (Port Douglas transfers also available) you can look forward to the breathtaking scenic drive along the Captain Cook Highway coastal road to Port Douglas. Along the way the bus driver provides you with commentary about the region you are passing and any activities there are to do in the area. On arrival in Port Douglas check in is at the Quicksilver dive shop at Reef Marina.

Self-Drivers: Tourists with their own rent a cars will need to be at this office with their Low Isles reef tickets for check in by 9:15am. Once you receive your boarding pass the Wavedancer crew will point you in the direction of the beautiful sailing catamaran Wavedancer. Before departure morning tea is served including tea, coffee and biscuits. With a late departure of 10:00am it's a perfect day for those late risers. You can easily park your vehicle at the Reef Marina and the car park is free.

Sailing to Low Isles

On the way out to Low Isles from the Port Douglas Reef Marina everyone is given a brief on snorkeling safety, what time the glass bottom boat tours will be running along with what time the buffet lunch is being served.

On the reef boats arrival to Low Isles you are ferried across by a smaller boat where your snorkelling, glass bottom boat tours and naturalist island walk tours for the day take place.

Low Isles Island Activities

First up is the guided snorkeling tour with a Marine Biologist for anyone who would like to take part. This underwater guided snorkelling tour goes for approximately 45 minutes and for those who wish to snorkel or roam the island by themselves are free to do so or just relax under the sun umbrellas and watch all the activity unfolding before their eyes.

Discover the mysteries of marine life while snorkeling or if you do not want to get wet try the glass bottom boat tours. It's wonderful viewing all the coral and fish thru the glass on the bottom of the boat and in between the two islands there are lot's and lots of turtles all swimming about and popping their heads up for some fresh air.

What Will You See Snorkelling at Low Isles?

You should be able to spot green sea turtles, and maybe if you are very lucky even a Dugong which is otherwise known as Manatees or Cow of the Sea. Dugongs are protected in Australia but Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are allowed to hunt them for personal, domestic or non-commercial needs. Dugonga are slow moving animal that feed on seagrass beds which unfortunately is also an Aboriginal delicacy as are green sea turtles. In some countries these Dugong are protected but unfortunately they are often poached and have constant boat strikes badly injuring them. Now these gentle slow shy giants are on the verge of extinction.

Delicate soft coral gardens surround Low Isles providing shelter for Nemo's and Dory's and a whole bunch of other tropical marine life to enthrall you.

Lunch on the Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef

A big buffet lunch is served from 12pm until 1pm so it is vital that you plan snorkelling and island exploring activities around the lunch timing as it is only 1 hour and you absolutely have to enjoy the delicious buffet. Lunch is served on board the reef boat Wavedancer so you will need to be ready to catch the ferry boat back to the vessel boat as tour operators are not permitted to have food and drink on this pristine Great Barrier Reef Island.

After you have finished with your selections from the sumptuous buffet it is time to head back across to the island and take a guided Marine Biologist walking tour to learn about the history of the Low Isles. This walk was very informative to learn that it is only 13km from the Port Douglas coastline however it takes about an hour or more to cruise there. It's fascinating to think that the Aboriginals used to be able to walk across to this island hundreds of years ago to hunt for food and vital plants.

There is an old lighthouse on the Isle however and a new couple has just recently arrived to become the resident caretakers of the modern solar power generated lighthouse. This old lighthouse has been protecting and greeting sailors since 1878. Marine Biologists from around the world can still get special permission to stay in the lighthouse guest quarters for a few months to gather valuable research on the Island, the marine environment and the tourism impact as well as the study of the weather patterns.

What happens in the afternoon?

After the guided island walk has finished you have around half an hour to laze around or snorkel some more before you get ready for the relaxing sail home back to Port Douglas.

On the sail home you are able to view photos that have been taken throughout the day which are available for purchase and you can also enjoy a pleasant drink on the way as the vessel is fully licensed and on the journey home cheese, crackers and fruit are served for afternoon tea. Sit back, relax and take in the surrounding sights as you head back to Port Douglas Queensland Australia where your day comes to a blissful end.

During the months of June to September make sure you are on the lookout for the giant Humpback and Dwarf Minke whales that are arriving in the safe tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef to calve and find mates.

The whales normally put on a spectacular show for visitors so make sure your camera is in a handy position for you to take some spectacular shots of the whales breaking the water's surface.

Back to Accommodation

Once arriving back in Port Douglas its back to the Quicksilver bus for the scenic drive home to your Port Douglas resort or down to Cairns or the northern beaches just in time for a sundowner drink before you shower and get ready for dinner in your holiday resort.

A trip on Wavedancer to Low Isles is a great day out for families young and old and even for couples looking for some time enjoying the tropical sunshine in a beautiful environment on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Snorkel Tour Port Douglas | Low Isles Snorkel Reef Trip | WD
  • Location: Crystalbrook Marina Port Douglas
  • Duration:

    6.5 hours (approx.)

Enjoy a day trip to Low Isles on the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas, swim with sea turtles, sun bake on the beach, snorkel as much or as little as you want, take a walk and discover this beautiful unspoilt sand cay and make sure you do the glass bottom boat tour. This is the perfect day out for families and couples and departs daily for your convenience.

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melissa jackson

06 Sep 2012


Only 19 kms off the coast of Port Douglas is the stunning Low Isles. Perfect place for me and the family to learn how to snorkel. We did the glass bottom boat and a marine bioligist guided walk around the Island. It has the highest rate of nesting Sea Turtles in the Great Barrier Reef where we actually got to swim with 6 of them, i also managed to sneak in a nana nap on the beach.

Benedict Martin

25 Aug 2012


This was suggest to me. It was the best day for my Family. My Childs enjoyed the turtles and snorkel very much. Thanks you