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Cairns No.1 Skydive Company

The Cairns Skydive company (Skydive in Cairns and Skydive at Mission Beach) offers tandem jumps up to 14,000ft, almost every day of the year (weather permitting)!

The spectacular views of World Heritage Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef you will get from skydiving in Cairns are amazing. If you choose skydiving from Mission Beach you will see the same type of views plus stunning views of the tropical islands and a guaranteed beach landing. 

Whatever option you choose you are guaranteed the ultimate adrenaline skydive experience in Cairns!

No experience is necessary - skydiving is safe, easy and lots of fun!

Skydive Cairns is a great half day tour option but to make the most of your day choose Skydive Mission Beach with free time to explore Mission Beach's cafes, bars, beach and relaxed atmosphere in general.

Cool Facts:

  • Awarded “Australia‘s #1 Skydive facilities”
  • Had a 101 year old man Skydive
  • In operation for 22 Years

This Cairns skydiving company also offers the chance to document your courageousness by having a videographer take the jump with you. Everybody who goes should really consider this as the number one thing that is repeatedly heard in the landing zone is, “Man I wish I had gotten the video!”

Trust us GET THE Video or no one will believe you were brave enough to skydive

Your Cairns Skydive Adventure Includes:

  • Free air conditioned bus transfers
  • Freefall for up to 60 seconds!
  • Jump in one of 2 beautiful tropical locations
  • Personalised training and instruction
  • Photo certificate of your tandem skydive
  • 5 star training facilities and world class tandem masters
Skydive Cairns
  • Location: Cairns
  • Duration:

    2 to 4 hours (return trip from accommodation)

60 seconds free fall, up to 14,000ft tandem jumps, spectacular views, beach landing (Skydive Mission Beach) and purpose built Skydiving plane. Skydive with us for the best value Skydive packages in Cairns and Mission Beach.

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Sue Colley

17 Jun 2012


Now I can say I jumped out of a plane at 65years old. I am happily retired and working through my bucket list. Thank you to the team at Skydive Cairns for making me feel so very safe despite being very much outside of my comfort zone. Your kindness was appreciated.

James Court

21 May 2012


Bout time they got the palm cove jump up in running. Can't wait till the holidays and I will be one of the first people to test it out :D Ecstatic.

Lucy Wise

30 Apr 2012


Not as scary as I thought it would be. My guide was really nice and supportive, and very convincing. haha. I was nervous in the plane but the actual jump was fine, I felt safe and I got to see the most phenomenal view... just breathtaking. I would recommend to other girls to make sure your hair is well tied back, you don't want it getting in the way off the view. Thanks Heaps Skydive Cairns.

Kyle Raxshine

28 Jan 2012


Biggest advice for skydiving dont think just jump. Incredible rush of adrenaline. BEST DAY EVER!

Mary-anne Hines

27 Nov 2011

Hobart, Tasmania

I can only describe this experience as... INCREDIBLE! I screamed ALOT! But once I got over the initial shock I opened my eyes to have the most phenomenal view. I think next time I will do the full 14,000 ft because the feeling of free falling was definately the best bit.

Penny Walker

27 Sep 2011

Perth Western Australia

I will never say never again! I had a bet over a few drinks (too many) that my friends could not convince me to go skydiving whilst on holidays in Cairns. Well as it goes I did jump out of a perfectly good airplane and I am still tingling every time I think about it. I loved it not sure I would do it again may have to have a few drinks and think about it LOL

Andrew Cooke

07 Sep 2011


Seriously Renata (below). that would be amazing if we could jump closer to home. I live in Palm Cove and it would be brilliant to have a closer jump site. Sign Me Up

Renata Dunstan

25 Jun 2011


I heard a little whisper in the streets of Cairns that Skydive Cairns has a new Jump The Beach location only 30 minutes north of Cairns. Palm Cove just 30 minutes north of Cairns is a beautiful little beachfront village with cobblestone paved streets and the beach is lined by palm trees. As soon as I can confirm this piece of news or gossip I'm in! I definately want to be one of the first skydivers to Jump the Beach at Palm Cove. Cal me guys, call me I love skydiving the beach

Kate Stewart

25 Jun 2011


I had an awesome time, Best thing I have ever done 14,000 ft. I dont believe I did it I get pumped everytime I think about it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Ben Anderson

18 Apr 2011


I have tried alot of adventure sports as a kid, but this tops the cake. Skydiving is the ultimate extreme sport. Ahhmazing! the adrenaline rush that I got from being 14,000 ft in the air was incredible. Thank you for such an incredible experience. All I can say is anyone thinking about it, dont think just do it!

Jimmy Burns

26 Feb 2011

New York

Wow, I have been wanting to do this all my life and I just did it for my 40th Birthday when in Australia. Awesome guys thank you I cant stop watching the DVD.

Natasha Jarmey

10 Feb 2011


This is something. I NEVER would have done. But all my mates went, and I am so very glad they pushed me because it was such a phenomenal feeling. I would love to say its a once and a life time thing, but i want to do it again and again and again. you haven't lived till you've jumped out of a plane with the Australian Skydive Company.

Rosalind Turner

04 Jan 2011


OMG I thought I was going to die at first when I was edged out of that plane but then after a few seconds the adrenaline rush kicked in and I was flying literally. I then relaxed a little and took a good look around which was awesome. It does not seem like you are travelling at a great speed it somehow seems unreal and you are in suspended animation wierd but I would love to do it again but the next time I would jump the beach

Blythe Rallo

19 Dec 2010


So much fun! 14,000 feet allows for 60 minutes of freefall that are so exciting that words cannot describe! Included is a scenic flight over the fringing reef and over the coastal area. Be sure to purchase the video - it's a memory for life that you will be happy you have to bring home and show all your friends and family the day you defied gravity by throwing yourself out of a perfectly functioning airplane!