Skydiving in Cairns Far North Queensland

There are plenty of good methods and places to go if you want to find a good view of tropical North Queensland. But there is nothing – absolutely nothing – quite like the views you experience jumping from an aeroplane and Skydiving in Cairns and Mission Beach.

And not only do your eyes have sensory feast, your entire body and mind experiences effects that are just out of this world. Your body will experience its biggest adrenaline rush ever. Not forgetting to mention what's going on in the stomach whilst your parachuting aircraft is climbing in altitude at the time.

In fact, the only other time you can feel this way is during the dream we all seem to have when we are falling off our bed. At least with a parachute you have more controls than when you do with the dreaded bed spins.

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Skydiving in Cairns Far North Queensland

Skydiving in Cairns is a year round half day activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. One local skydive company in Cairns even had a fellow that was 101 years old parachuting. He did not say too much when he landed apart from "A piece of Cake". How's that for a fellow that has just travelled freefall at 200 kilometers per hour? You rock Grandad.

People from all over the world come and do their first ever skydive from Cairns Australia.

Why do they come? Why do they skydive in Cairns? It must be the year round conducive warm climate and the magical scenery of the Great Barrier Reef and the World Heritage Rainforests that surround the parachuting sites of Cairns and Mission Beach.

Oh forgot momentarily it's because Cairns is the centre of the earth for the cool dudes of course.

Free transfers from your Cairns and northern beaches holiday accommodation to the Cairns skydive training facility to get you set up with all your parachuting gear and match you up with the instructor that will be holding your life in their hands.

After some educational (LOL) videos and hands on demonstration and training it's off to the Cairns airport to jump out of a perfectly good airplane voluntarily to freefall 14,000 feet.

Here are a few skydiving tips for you:

Make sure you smile all the way so that when your DVD's are loaded onto U Tube you look as though you really did actually enjoy the experience.

Ladies please wear a sensible bra if you are more fortunate than others in this area. Sports bras are the best, sorry fellas.

Gents make sure your belt is on tight and your underwear is not showing, we hate that.

Make sure you have not got a giant hangover from the night before otherwise you will regret it. You will really really regret it!

Make sure you smell nice and clean for the instructors to jump on your back and be connected to you which will seem like an awfully long time, otherwise they will not be nice to you.

If you are a screamer lets us know in advance so the poor instructor on your back can wear ear plugs to block out your screams of sheer terror.

For those of you that do not speak English its best to just keep quiet.

There is no experience required for Skydiving because all jumps are done in tandem with highly trained instructors. The only requirements are that you are 14 years or over, are reasonably fit, and weigh less than 100kg.

All skydives include extensive safety briefings followed by a scenic flight to get to the required altitude of 10,000 to 15,000 feet. The 30 - 60 seconds of freefall ends when you pull the ripcord on your harness. This is followed by a gentle parachute ride that finishes with a soft landing in an open sugar cane paddock or on the beachfront at Mission Beach - Australia.

Even though each skydive in reality doesn't last long, it's an experience you certainly won't forget when thinking about your holiday in Cairns and Mission Beach.

Cairns Australia is the best destination to get more bang for your buck. You will be able to do a 60 second freefall for under $300, that's just incredible value when you compare prices in Australia's southern states.

Hurry book your skydive BEFORE the local Cairns Skydive companies wake up to it!

If you're staying in the Mission Beach or Tully area, the coveted 'Jump the Beach' is right on your doorstep! Fly to 14,000ft with Jump The Beach, and take the experience of your life!

You'll jump on a bus to the airport, fill out the paperwork and ride a plane to the height of your skydive. Witness fantastic views over Mission Beach and the surrounding Family of Islands from the plane, and at 2,000ft before your jump height, your jumpmaster will tighten your harness and prepare you for your death defying jump.

Your heart rate runs on overdrive as the door opens, and at 14,000ft your 60 sec freefall is amazing. Your skydiving jumpmaster will activate your parachute at around 5,000ft, and the view down to Mother Earth is spectacular! You'll land on one of the beautiful beaches of Queensland's Mission Beach coastline.

Just watch out for the bikini babes and small children when you land, try and do it gracefully heh.

Please note:

If you wish to Skydive onto a beach but are staying in Cairns no problems, coach transfers are run daily to Mission Beach and back.

Exiting the Plane Skydive Cairns

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Skydive Mission Beach | From Cairns & Mission Beach
  • Departs From:
  • Duration:

    11 hours (approx)

The perfect half day Cairns tour for the adrenaline junkie is trying skydiving for the first time. Jumps begin from 6am in the morning till later in the afternoon weather dependant. Are you keen to try a skydive jump at 15,000 feet from heaven?

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Tandem skydive Cairns

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Skydive Tandem Cairns | Up To 14,000ft Skydive
  • Departs From: Cairns
  • Duration:

    5 to 6 hours (approx)

Choose between plummeting to planet earth and plunging towards a lush green parkland like paddock or a lovely white sandy beach near Innisfail when you skydive with us on freefall. We offer the closest beach skydive in Cairns and a lot of fun.

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