Daintree Discovery Centre

The Daintree Discovery Centre is the number 1 attraction in the Daintree and is the best way to discover the wonder and amazement of the oldest continually surviving rainforest on earth. With a range of exciting activities and built-structures that make experiencing the rainforest even more fun and interactive than usual, the Daintree Discovery Centre is a favourite for both locals and tourists alike.

Situated just 10kms north of the Daintree River ferry, the Centre is a Wet Tropics Accredited visitor centre that focuses on providing the highest quality experience and information in an easy-to-understand way for visitors from all over the world.

There are many resources, displays and guides available to learn about the rainforest and the amazing range of flora and fauna that call this unique ecosystem home, including a large indoor display area, the latest in touch-screen technology, audio visual theatre and all-weather verandas where visitors can soak up the sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding rainforest.

Visitors to the Daintree Discovery Centre can take self-guided tours using an audio guide or book into a group tour led by an experienced and highly knowledgeable naturalist who will provide in-depth, interested information about the rainforest.

The Centre has won a range of awards, including winner of the Best Tourist Attraction award at the QLD Tourism Awards in 2015 and winner of the Steve Irwin Ecotourism Award in 2013, among many others. 

Aerial Walkway Daintree Rainforest - Daintree Discovery Centre

Standing 23 meters tall in the middle of thick tropical rainforest, The Tower provides a truly unique and intimate way to experience the rainforest at different levels, from the forest floor all the way up to the top of the canopy. With information on each of the five levels you’re sure to learn a thing or two as you ascend through the rainforest.

As with the rest of the Discovery Centre, the Tower, which was constructed in 1998, has been designed and built to have the smallest possible impact on the surrounding rainforest, while still providing access for people of all ages to experience this amazing ecosystem up close. 

There is a whole different world to be found in the filtered light of the canopy, however we rarely get to see it. Often much richer in life than the forest floor, the canopy can be hard to see eye to eye, which is what makes the Aerial Walkway so special. At 11m high, this elevated walkway through the trees provides the link between the Centre entrance, the Coffee Shop, and The Tower, and allows an unprecedented view into the mid-level rainforest as well as impressive views over McLean’s Creek.

Rated as one of the Top 10 Skywalks in Australia by National Geographic, the Aerial Walkway is not only a fun and interesting way to explore the rainforest, but is also ecologically responsible, allowing air, sunlight and rain to reach the forest flower and protects fragile root systems by keeping people off the ground.

The Aerial Walkway allows wheelchair access to the Interpretive Display Centre as well as the base of The Tower. 

At the Discovery Centre visitors are encouraged to venture out and explore the rainforest, enjoying the amazing sights and sounds, and taking in the atmosphere of this vibrant natural world. Elevated boardwalks provide the best way to do this, allowing you to walk at your own pace amongst the unspoiled wilderness, and protecting the forest floor at the same time. Over 400m of boardwalks trace their way around the rainforest surrounding the Centre, with strategically placed viewing platforms along the way where you can sit and enjoy the ambience.

The Cassowary Circuit and the Bush Tucker Trail are well sign-posted and there are audio-guides available to provide interesting facts and information as you explore the boardwalks.

The Cassowary Circuit has great views of the huge King Ferns that line McLean’s Creek, and the Bush Tucker Trail takes visitors past the plants that were used by the local Aboriginal people as food, medicine, and utensils which they used to thrive here for more than 20,000 years. 

The Interpretive Display Centre provides a huge wealth of information about the rainforest ecosystem, presented in fun interactive ways. Set over 410 square meters, the centre offers several touch screen with easy access to a variety of information suitable for all ages, as well as colourful displays incorporating lots of images and easy-to-read text.

You will learn in incredible detail about the many species, big and small, that call the rainforest home, from the famous Cassowary and Crocodile to the humble Green Tree Frog.

There is a 3D Cassowary display with life-size models, allowing you to get up close (and get a selfie) in a safe and practical way that does not threaten these giant endangered birds.

A Freshwater Creek Ecology display, designed by an award-winning 3D sculptor, traces aquatic life from the mountains where rainfall collects and drains into creeks, all the way to the mangroves which are so important for wild life along the coastline.

There is also a Reptile Room where visitors can check out the amazing reptiles and amphibians that live in the area without needed to trample through the rainforest.

Audio units are available to use as you navigate your way through the rainforest, providing interesting information about the different plants and animals you will see. The units are included as part of your entry fee, and are just like your own personal guide. The guides are available in 8 languages and cover the Aerial Walkway, Canopy Tower, Cassowary Circuit and Bush Tucker Trail.

The languages available are: English, Cantonese, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish and Japanese. 

The Coffee Shop provides a range of light refreshments and a quiet place where you can sit and observe the rainforest. Sip a local Daintree tea as you take in the beauty of the rainforest!

There is also a souvenir shop at the Centre where you can purchase a variety of products, from local jewellery to children’s books, and much more. 

The expert staff at the Centre conduct group tours (must be pre-booked) for groups over 10 people. The Centre is renowned for providing high quality experiences for groups and to ensure the quality the maximum guests per guide is 20. The Centre also has capacity for groups with 100+ people to still enjoy an unforgettable time in the rainforest.

The Centre can tailor a guided tour to suit a range of preferences, whether you just want to spend half an hour checking out the views from The Tower, or a full day of exploration and knowledge sharing taking in all aspects of the Centre.

These tours are ideal for a wide range of visitors and interests, from primary-school groups to visiting scientists.

There are also facilities available for study groups, seminars, workshops, meetings and nocturnal studies. 

The Aerial Walkway has been designed to accommodate most wheelchairs and prams, however some sections have a slight gradient and people in wheelchairs may require assistance. The walkway floor is made of steel grated panels 1.2m wide. Visitors using wheelchairs that have wheels with narrow (2.5cm) tyres and casters may find the wheels drop into the grates when turning sideways on the walkway. Larger diameter wheels are generally fine.

The walkway is also suitable for people with vision-impairment with the lower part of the handrail forming a continuous ‘shoreline’ along the entire length of the walkway.

While there is interpretive information at the base of The Tower, access to the upper levels is restricted by stairs.

The Entrance, Reception Area, Coffee Shop and Souvenir Shop all have good levels of accessibility.

The accessible toilet is located adjacent to the Reception area. Note there is no accessible toilet located at the Display Centre. 

For more information on accessibility contact the Discovery Centre directly on (07) 4098 9171

The Daintree Discovery Centre is located at the corner of Cape Tribulation Road and Tulip Oak Road in Cow Bay, Far North Queensland, Australia. 

From Port Douglas:

  • Drive north on the Captain Cook Highway (changes to Mossman Daintree Road after passing through Mossman) for approximately 40 minutes.
  • Turn right on to Cape Tribulation Road. Follow Cape Tribulation Road for 5 minutes until you reach the Daintree River Ferry.
  • After crossing the river, drive for 15 minutes on Cape Tribulation Road until you reach Tulip Oak Road on the right.
  • The Discovery Centre is on the corner of  Cape Tribulation Road and Tulip Oak Road. 

From Cairns:

  • Drive north out of the city on Sheridan Street (changes to Captain Cook Highway once you pass the airport) and follow the Captain Cook Highway towards Port Douglas for approximately one hour.
  • Once at Port Douglas, continue north on the Captain Cook Highway (changes to Mossman Daintree Road after passing through Mossman) for approximately 40 minutes. 
  • Turn right on to Cape Tribulation Road. Follow Cape Tribulation Road for 5 minutes until you reach the Daintree River Ferry. 
  • After crossing the river, drive for 15 minutes on Cape Tribulation Road until you reach Tulip Oak Road on the right.
  • The Discovery Centre is on the corner of  Cape Tribulation Road and Tulip Oak Road. 

To contact the Daintree Discovery Centre:

Phone: (07) 4098 9171

Email: info@discoverthedaintree.com

Use the Contact Form here.