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Hot air ballooning is a romantic soft adventure experience which is considered by many to be the best way to see a gorgeous Tropical North Queensland sunrise. The hot air balloons gently rise from the ground at daybreak as the silence of night is interrupted by the first birds of the morning. The view from the balloon basket is undoubtedly spectacular, and the experience is one you will remember as enchanting and uplifting.

With early morning coach transfers from Cairns and Port Douglas we will have you flying in a hot air balloon to see the sunrise and then spend the rest of the day on the Great Barrier Reef with our great value combo package deals

What makes hot air ballooning so magical is the balloons float gently with the wind, and for this reason ballooning is conducted at sunrise when the wind is at its calmest. The sensation of lifting off the ground is unusual and exhilarating, in many ways it feels like your body is flying by itself. Some guests have described their ballooning experience as "the best morning they've had in Australia" and the excitement of ballooning produces an unusually high number of marriage proposals!

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Hot Air Ballooning in Cairns

Atherton Tablelands - Cairns - Port Douglas

Where your balloon flies

It is well known in the hot air balloning industry that the Cairns Highlands and Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns is the ideal place in Australia to take off on a hot air balloon ride due to its stable weather patterns and wonderful natural landscapes and scenery across the farmlands. Cairns is also the cheapest place in Australia for a hot air balloon ride due to the frequency of these take offs and landings.

Atherton Tablelands also known as the fruit bowl of Tropical North Queensland, is well known for its undulating lush green vistas, various tropical fruit crops, and the place to pick up some fresh mangoes, as well as becoming increasingly famous for it's coffee and other great locally grown and produced food specialities.

Cairns & Port Douglas Hot Air Ballooning Experiences

In Cairns, hot air ballooning operations are conducted among the green rolling hills of the Cairns Highlands at various locations near the township of Mareeba. Of the many hot air ballooning locations around the world, the Cairns Highlands climate is considered to be the most ideal for hot air balloons as pilots are able to launch their hot air balloons almost every day of the year. The mountains of the Great Dividing Range act as a wind buffer against the fresh sea breezes resulting in Cairns having less cancelled flights than any other location in the world.

Enjoy a ride in one of our beautiful hot air balloons with transfers to and from your accommodation and take the opportunity for mid-flight photos so you can take home a gorgeous photo of yourself in the air.

As your ballooning experience finishes mid morning why not do another tour on the same day such as a Great Barrier Reef tour or even a rainforest tour? We can package a number of tours that you can do throughout the day along with your hot air ballooning tour.

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Your Safety Assured

The hot air ballooning industry is regulated by CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority which gives you piece of mind. In Cairns the hot air balloons are maintained to an extremely high industry standards and feature on-board GPS systems so there is no chance of flying into unknown territory. The pilots are licensed and have a high level of control over the balloons.

They are able to land the large crafts exactly where they wish — a concept which visitors find hard to grasp at first.

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Cairns cheapest Hot Air Balloon ride, self drive to meeting point or coach transfer. Join us on the the cheapest and best value hot air balloon rides in Australia. We have the best weather year round for more take off's and landings which keeps our costs down. See beautiful sunrises and landscapes as you soar above the farmlands on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns

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