Behana Gorge A Cairns Attraction, Queensland, Australia

How To Get To Behana Gorge From Cairns

You have two choices on how you plan on getting to Behana Gorge. First one is hire a car and drive 28 minutes south of Cairns to Behana Gorge or join one of the fun Behana Gorge Canyoning, Abseiling, Cliff Jumping and Rock Sliding tours. 

Once you reach the Behana Gorge parking lot you take a 45 minute hike into the famous Cairns Pyramid mountain to beautiful Behana Gorge: Cairns water supply that flows heavily 365 days per year with no intermission. Behana Gorge is what locals call "The Cairns Hike in Paradise" and is that perfect vision of scenery that you are looking for on your holiday to Cairns Australia.

Grab your runners, your bathers, comfortable walking shoes, a water bottle and off you go! The beauty of Behana Gorge begins with a breathtaking 45 minute hike up the paved mountain trail. The atmosphere is so peaceful and gives such a quiet relaxed view of the rainforest away from the mass tourist crowds.

Be sure to take time to be quiet and keep your eyes open to spot the array of wildlife including large goannas that live in the area. There are many small creeks and waterholes that you will notice along the walk but get ready for what's to come next. Soon enough, in plain sight you will be exposed to the perfectly painted picture of white water rapids, waterfalls and calm fresh water swimming holes.

Want to experience Behana Gorge and get an amazing adrenaline rush at the same time? Check out this awesome canyoning tour that will see you abseiling, cliff-jumping, snorkelling, sliding and swimming your way down Behana Gorge with a friendly and passionate guide! Plus, you get to skip the 3km+ walk as the tour bus goes all the way to the top!

If you wish to explore Crystal Cascades check out this page here a the this Canyoning tour. And for Josephine Falls tours have a read of this information page on how to see all the swimming holes and waterfalls around Cairns and Far North Queensland.  

Behana Gorge Cairns

Behana Gorge is a popular swimming hole for locals and tourists


Escape the Cairns and Tropical North Queensland heat for the waterfalls and rainforests of the free local Cairns attractions and take the plunge into the mountain fresh water and even swim into the bottom of the waterfalls. The area is perfectly divided into areas that are well shaded and others that are beaming with sunshine. The whole of Behana Gorge is lined by giant granite boulders where jumping in to the water becomes an option for the adventurous.

Please be aware of all safety notices around Behana Gorge and do not jump in shallow waters or raging rivers at any time! The rocks can be very slippery and cause some casualties

Take a moment to relax, close your eyes and listen to the wildlife, the sounds of the rainforest along with the mystic waterfalls flowing and you will know that you are in paradise.

Pack a picnic and stay the whole day but just make sure anything you bring into the Gorge leaves the Gorge with you

Is Behana Gorge Family Friendly?

When travelling as a family on holidays you want to do exciting tours that suit everyone in the family and that includes the younger children. Behana Gorge is family friendly if you are travelling with children that are fit little one's and can do the walk and also swim quite well. On the Behana Gorge tours the recommended age for children at this popular swimming hole is 8 years and above.

We recommend only bringing children who are feisty fit 5 year olds and over for this lttle adventure as they need to walk quite a ways for little legs and then clamber over granite boulders to the swimming hole.

For little one's we would recommend other swimming holes such as Josephine Falls, Crystal Cascades, Babinda Boulders or the Lake Barrine Volcano Crater.

The hike back to the car park is much easier and is 95% downhill. The time on the hike back flies before your eyes and soon enough you are back at the car park. This is the perfect holiday hike in terms of length, distance and above all for the magic and beauty of Behana Gorge, Cairns Tropical North Queensland Australia.

Getting To Behana Gorge From Cairns Airport

  1. Head South Towards Cairns
  2. Turn Right on to Bruce Highway
  3. Travel 29.5km
  4. Turn Right on to Behana Gorge Rd
  5. Travel 5km until you reach the dead end
  6. Car park and gated entrance pathway leads you to the boulders of Behana Gorge
  7. Warning - Do Not Enter Private Property At Any Time i.e Cane farms as this is tresspassing 
Behana Gorge Canyoning Tours

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Behana Gorge Cairns Canyoning Tour | Abseiling, Cliff Jumping, Rock Sliding Adventure | Half Day Tour
  • Departs From: Meet at Allbout Cairns, 58 Grafton St, Cairns City
  • Duration:

    6 hours (approx)

This action packed tour is the perfect combination of excitement, thrilling adventure and the beautiful surroundings of a tropical rainforest creek. Perfect for those adventurous travellers that prefer to be immersed in nature rather than looking at it through the window of a tour bus. Abseil, cliff-jump, swim and rock-slide your way down the crystal clear waters of the stunning Behana Gorge. Your friendly and very enthusiastic guides will provide all the tuition and encouragement you need to safely and comfortable tackle all the obstacles during the day - you're sure to have an absolute blast!

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Tube down grade 1 and 2 rapids | Cairns River Tubing Tour

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River Tubing | Behana Gorge or Mulgrave River | Cairns Half Day Family Tour
  • Departs From:
  • Duration:

    4 hours Total with 2 hours River Tubing

Cairns’ original half day river tubing tour is ‘the most fun you can have while floating’! Travelling to either Behana Gorge or the Mulgrave River, you will spend two fun and delightful hours soaking up the sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest and the natural beauty that surrounds you.

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