Undara Lava Tube Tours of the Outback Savannah, Far North Queensland, Australia

The Undara Lava Tubes experience is a unique holiday experience renowned for its series of ancient and mysterious lava tunnels and caves.

Nestled in the vast Australian Outback behind Cairns, the Undara National Park Experience showcases some of the finest Australian scenery and an abundance of native Australian wildlife.

Undara is a magical place, the perfect backdrop for a memorable Northern Queensland holiday experience.

The Undara Lava Tubes is eco-friendly, and is committed to preserving the pristine natural environment for generations to come. Our outback Queensland Undara tours can be tailored to suit each individual guest.

The adventurous can enjoy eco-friendly day tours exploring the vast underground labyrinth of the tunnels and caves, while nature lovers can sip Sparkling Wine while enjoying the sun setting over the breathtaking Australian landscape on top of Kalkani volcano crater.

Learn how to see the Undara Lava Tubes and book your tour for an overnight stay in a restored train carriage.

Undara Experience Gulf Savannah, North Queensland, Australia

Undara Lava Tubes National Park is a good 4 hour drive from Cairns, the best way to experience Undara Lava Tubes and the wildlife is to stay in the restored train carriages overnight.

We highly recommend to fly to Undara National Park and stay overnight; this is the quickest way to get to Undara National Park and the aerial views you will get on the flight are amazing.

This option is available as a private charter scenic flight on a helicopter or in a fixed wing plane and is more affordable than you may think!

If you are short of time and looking for a on day tour, why not even combine Undara National Park with Chillagoe Caves all in one day...!

Choose from a helicopter private charter scenic flight a fixed wing scenic flight or 9 day Cairns to Darwin or a 4 day driving tour to Undara and Cobbold Gorge   

The accommodation options are vast and varied at the Undara Lodge, ranging from exclusive restored Railway Train Carriages through to camp sites nestled in the savanna woodlands.

Visitors can enjoy outback hospitality amongst unique Australian wilderness. The Undara Lava Tube tour experience will delight families, couples or groups seeking a unique eco-friendly wilderness adventure.

The unique ecological and geological formations at Undara have taken millions of years to form and can be traced back as far as 300 million years ago when Australia was part of the super-continent Gondwanaland.

This ancient natural wonderland is yours to discover. For memories that will be treasured forever, enjoy the Undara Experience.

Undara Volcanic National Park is a unique area that is of immense geological and ecological significance. The area now known as Undara Volcanic National Park began forming millions of years ago when Australian was still part of Gondwanaland.

The mysterious lava tubes and caves are the result of a massive volcanic eruption that occurred 190,000 years ago. The Undara lava tubes are some of the longest in the world, and are home to a unique collection of Australian plants and animals. The Undara Volcanic National Park features dry savanna woodland.

The area in and around the lava tubes are a stark contrast to this dry, arid countryside and feature lush green rainforests which boast semi-evergreen vine thickets and perennial springs.

The freshwater perennial springs are home to a variety of Australian wildlife, as are the lava tubes and caves. Undara National Park is home to kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, birds, frogs and snakes.

While a myriad of Australian wildlife thrives in Undara Volcanic National Park, the abundance of bats that call the Undara caves and lava tubes home provide a seemingly endless source of fascination to visitors. Four main variety of bats can be found in Undara caves and lava tunnels - the eastern cove bat, northern horseshoe bat, sheathtail bat and large bent-wing bat.

The entrances to the Undara caves are often cloaked by a curtain of green rainforest. Between the months of December and March a unique natural phenomenon occurs. Brown Tree Snakes hang in the tall rainforest trees at the entrance of the caves, and as dusk settles over the Australian landscape the bats make a mass exodus from the caves to feed.

The Brown Tree Snakes (also known as 'Night Tigers') snatch the bats from the air and devour them. This is an absolutely incredible sight to behold, and a once-in-a-lifetime holiday opportunity.

Undara Volcanic National Park is the traditional country of the Ewamian Aboriginal people. For thousands of years indigenous Australians used the Undara savannah grasslands as a traditional camping and hunting site.

Undara is the Aboriginal word for 'long way', and perfectly describes the isolated Outback Australian location and enormous otherworldly underground tunnels and caves of Undara.

Undara Volcanic National Park provides the prefect location for an adventure eco-tour or a casual sightseeing journey through the endless Australian Outback.

There are numerous tours that visitors to Undara can experience ranging from all day eco-adventures through the Savannah wilderness, caves and tunnels to mild bushwalks that showcase the native Australian flora and fauna.

The Undara Experience features eco-tours that suit all fitness levels, and visitors who are mobility impaired and accompanied by a carer. The Undara Experience tours through the Australian Outback feature some of the most unique natural attractions and provide a marvelous opportunity for photography enthusiasts, bird watchers and bushwalkers.

Visitors have the option of joining a small personalized group eco-tour, or embarking on a self guided bush walk however the Undara lava tubes and caves can only be accessed with a qualified Savannah guide.

The Undara Experience eco-tours include

Lost Word Adventure - is an 8 hour guided eco-tour around the rim of the Kalkani Crater where the collapsed line of the lava tube is visible, and the sheer magnitude of the underground lava system is most evident. This breathtaking Undara Experience tour that showcases the Australian Outback perfectly.

Visitors can enjoy the endless savanna grasslands, the perennial springs that are nestled amongst the arid countryside like exotic oasis's and the abundance of unique Australian wildlife. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the mysterious underground Undara tunnel system, each of which has its own unique story to tell.

The Lost World Adventure eco-tour includes a full buffet lunch and morning and afternoon tea.

Volcanic Valley - is a 4 hour guided eco-tour that allows visitors an intimate journey into the depths of the fascinating Undara lava tubes. Each lava tube is a unique geological marvel, and is home to a variety of intriguing wildlife.

The Volcanic Valley tour also showcases the spectacular scenery from above the ground atop a rocky bluff. Visitors are enthralled by the vast Australian outback and the unique and ancient landscape. The Volcanic Valley eco-tour includes morning and afternoon tea.

Wildlife at Sunset - is a 2 hour guided scenic eco-tour that showcases the interesting wildlife that call Undara Volcanic National Park home. Dusk is one of the most active times for the wilderness of Undara Volcanic National Park. Kangaroos, wallabies, lizards and birds all make an appearance for the Wildlife at Sunset tour.

The Australian Outback is breathtaking in the moments before sunset, and the vast Australian blue sky often displays soft shades of pink and purple, casting an enigmatic blush over the rugged and mysterious landscape. Enjoy a glass of Australian Sparkling wine as the sun sets over the spectacular landscape of Undara Volcanic National Park.

Just as the sun sets, the Wildlife at Sunset tour is positioned at the mouth of Barker's Cave, ready to witness thousands of bats take flight for the night. The bats are equipped with a echolocation system (a sophisticated radar system) that allows them to fly at enormous speeds while not colliding with any object.

This allows visitors the unique opportunity to stand as close to the swarm of bats while not being struck. This is an awesome experience - and one not for the faint-hearted. The Wildlife at Sunset eco-tour includes refreshments and gourmet fruit and cheese platter.

The Archway Explorer - is a 2 hour guided eco-tour that focuses on the unique underground lava tubes, tunnels and cave of Undara. This eco-tour showcases the unique geological formations, plus other interesting historical and environmental features of the mysterious tunnels.

The Archway Explorer tour is suitable for the mobility impaired however notification must be given 24 hours in advance.

Evening Activities - each night a variety of complimentary activities occur at the Undara Lodge including sing-a-longs, nature talks, Aussie heritage shows, bush poetry, slide shows or nocturnal spotlighting tours.

The evening activities at Undara showcase the Australian Outback beautifully, and are the perfect end to the activities of the day. Guests can purchase desserts, coffees and liqueurs from the Saloon Bar.

The Undara Experience Eco-Certification

The Undara Experience places a firm emphasis on conservation and sustainable eco-tourism. The Undara Experience is accredited with Advanced Eco-tourism and Savanna Guide Station Accreditation. The Undara Experience is a member of Land for Wildlife and part of the Planet Safe Partnership program.

The eco-ethos at the Undara Experience is more that a fad or marketing tool. It is at the heart of the Undara Experience. Undara Volcanic National Park is home to some of the most unique geological formations, a diverse range of wildlife and native Australian bushland.

The Undara Experience allows tourists to experience this amazing natural wonderland while leaving no ecological footprint. This will preserve this amazing natural attraction for generations to come.

The Undara Experience provides a sensational Australian wilderness holiday experience. Explore the labyrinth of mysterious lava tunnels and caves; enjoy the native Australian animals and the breathtaking scenery of Far North Queensland.

The eco-adventure at Undara is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore a prehistoric natural playground while enjoying Australian Outback hospitality. Undara Experience is an unforgettable and unique holiday experience that showcases the very best of Outback Australia and Northern Queensland.

Accommodation at the Undara Lava Tubes 

There are a wide range of eco-friendly accommodation options at the Undara Lava Tubes to suit all styles and budgets. All the accommodation options at the Undara Experience provide visitors with a unique Australian wilderness experience, and have been designed with the eco-ethos to preserve the pristine natural beauty of Undara.

The unique eco-friendly accommodation options at the Undara Experience range from the historic Railway Carriages, Swags Tent Village, Wilderness Lodge, Outback Caravan Park and Camp Grounds and the Safari Shelter.

Railway Carriages - the restored Railway Carriages at the Undara Lava Tube Experience are the most romantic wilderness accommodation in Northern Queensland. The award winning Railway Carriages at Undara have been voted the most unique holiday accommodation in Australia and it is easy to see why.

The turn of the century Railway Carriages have been restored to their former gory, and allow guests a unique return to a charming bygone area. Positioned underneath tall shady gum trees, and with a covered outdoor area the Railway Carriages offer guests an intimate experience with the local wildlife.

The Railway Carriage compartments range from single to family suites, some with ensuite bathrooms, and others with share bathroom facilities.

Swags Tent Village - Swags Tent Village feature a range of permanent tents that boast twin, triple or family sleeping configurations. Swags Tent Village can only be described as luxury camping. Visitors can enjoy an undercover camp kitchen, a private barbeque and access to a range of amenities.

Swags Tent Village offers visitors to the region the chance to really connect with nature. Wake to the warm morning sun and cacophony of birds, and sleep bathed in moonlight as the owls coo in the nearby trees of the forest.

Wilderness Lodge - the Wilderness Lodge at the Undara Experience is ideal Australian Outback eco-friendly accommodation for budget travellers. The Wilderness Lodge is dormitory style accommodation nestled amongst the savanna woodlands.

This is a very social holiday option, and guests can enjoy the warm embers of the camp fire by night at the Wilderness Lodge.

Outback Caravan Park and Camp Ground - Whether towing a caravan, traveling in a campervan or pitching a tent, the Outback Caravan Park and Camp Ground is ideal. Nestled amongst the Queensland bushland which is home to an abundance of Australian wildlife, this is the perfect Australian Outback wilderness experience.

Safari Shelter - the Safari Shelter is a camp ground located near all facilities, complete with its own camp fire. This is an ideal base for visitors who are pitching their own tent or traveling with a motor home or van. The Safari Shelter is nestled amongst native Australian bushland and provides easy access to all the geological and ecological attractions of Undara.

Dining at Undara Lava Tubes

The Undara Lava Tubes experience includes some of the finest and freshest regional produce - some grown and grazed fresh on the property, or properties of the region. Visitors can enjoy the famous Bush Breakfast at Ringers Camp - an ideal outdoor Australian Outback dining experience. This bushman's breakfast includes Billy Tea, bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes and beans prepared on the open camp fire. Visitors can toast their own bread on the open flames of the fire.

There is no better way to start the day than with traditional 'Aussie' tucker in the great outdoors. Lunch and dinner are served in relaxed undercover eating areas, or the Fettler's Iron Pot Bistro - a licensed restaurant located in lovingly restored railway carriage. As the end of the eve draws near guests can enjoy the delectable range of home cooked desserts, liqueurs and coffees around the camp fire at Undara Lodge.

All the produce used at the Undara Lodge is seasonal farm fresh food, and provides guests with a unique Australian culinary adventure. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking Australian wilderness along with the delectable home cooked country meals at Undara Lodge.

The Undara Lava Tubes experience is also ideal for functions and groups. Imagine your next special occasion celebrated amongst the vast Australian wilderness, with the ancient and mysterious caves and tunnels your adventure playground.

Special Events at Undara Lava Tubes National Park

The breathtaking savanna woodlands, native Australian bushlands and unique ecological formations at Undara provide the idyllic location for special events. The Undara Experience is home to magical yearly events such as Opera in the Outback and the Outback Country Rock and Blues Festival.

When booking your Undara Experience be sure to enquire about these annual events.

The Undara Lava Tube tour experience can provide the perfect backdrop for your special occasion, function, event or wedding.

When will you embark on your unforgettable Undara Lava Tube Tour Experience


  • Fully licensed Restaurant and Bar serving cold Australian beer, Australian wines and espresso coffee
  • Bush Breakfast served daily at Ringers Camp
  • ULP and diesel
  • Public phones
  • Guest laundry
  • Ice
  • Bottled LP gas
  • Saltwater swimming pool
  • Firewood
  • EFTOPS (no cash out)
  • Access to National Park by guided tour only

Getting To Undara Lava Tubes

Undara Volcanic National Park is located 300 km south west from the city of Cairns. There are numerous ways to get to Undara Volcanic National Park. The self drive journey is magnificent. For those who don't wish to self-drive take a scenic half day coach ride, a historic train ride or a short flight by helicopter or in a fixed wing plane or on a 4 day driving tour that also includes Cobbold Gorge. 

Undara Lava Tubes | 4 Day Outback Tour

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Undara Tour & Cobbold Gorge 4 Day Tour - Outback Explorer - Cairns - DTA
  • Departs From: Cairns
  • Duration:

    4 day tour

A brand new 4 day driving tour from Cairns to Undara Lava Tubes and Cobbold Gorge. Stay overnight in a restored railway carriage at Undara National Park and stay overnight at award winning Cobbold Gorge.

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Undara Lava Tubes - Outback Cairns

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Undara Tours From Cairns – Scenic Flight From Cairns
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    1 Day

Fly to Undara Lava Tubes with us from Cairns on a one day scenic flight to the Australian Outback. Fly over majestic mountains and rainforests and into the Savannah lands and volcanic country of Queensland. This is a really unique outback Cairns tour.

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Undara Lava Tubes | Cairns to Darwin 8 Day 4WD Tour

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Cairns to Darwin | 9 Days & 8 Nights | Savannah Way | DTA CD1/DC1
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    9 Days & 8 Nights

The ultimate outback Queensland and Northern Territory 8 day tour. From Cairns our small group tour makes its way in a four wheel drive from Cairns to Darwin with our first night at the amzing Undara Lava Tubes on the Savannah Way.

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