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Cairns Car Hire

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With real time live dynamic inventory car rental websites offer in market deals for your time of travel from some of Australia's iconic and trusted car rental companies.

Shop on line and find the best price for a beautiful ride such as the Audi A3 or Audi A6 or how about a Mini Cooper S from the Fun collection? You can rent a four wheel drive, a family wagon, a people mover or a little cheap run around buzz box, the choice and the price you want to pay for your Cairns rent a car is totally up to you.

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Hire Car Safety Stuff

If you have smaller children do not forget to ask for the new car safety regulation seating for the child's age, height and weight when making your rent a car booking.

If you have elderly or mobility impaired travelers with you then be kind enough to rent a big car that will allow them to get in and out of the rent a car easily and be comfortable as well whilst you are taking in all the sightseeing, tours and attractions of Cairns and Atherton Tablelands.

Take a look on our self drive pages here on the left hand side navigation of Cairns Attractions for things to do and see whilst you're on holiday visiting Cairns Queensland Australia.

We highly recommend you make at least one or two trips to snorkel the Cairns or Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef and visit the World Heritage Listed Site. Another high priority is Dinner in the Rainforest with Flames Of The Forest.

If you are having a holiday in Cairns, Palm Cove, Trinity Beach, Cairns Beaches or Port Douglas then make sure you check car rental prices here before you leave home. You have the choice of collecting your hire car at the Cairns Airport or in Cairns city.

Great Day Trips in Cairns

We've helped you with your hotel, flights and activities. We are the Holiday specialists after all! Some of our customers also enjoy a good road trip in the privacy of their own car, so here are some of the most popular destinations.

Beautiful, family friendly Kuranda to the north west, The Reef to the east, picturesque Atherton Tablelands south west and Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation, and the famed Daintree to the north….not to mention endless stunning beaches, some of the oldest historical sites on Earth and of course, the Islands…. and you haven't even set foot in Cairns City Centre yet. It's hard to step outside the "Far North Queensland Capital" without stumbling upon a world heritage listed forest or breathtaking view. Your biggest problem when heading to Cairns is fitting it all in! So pickup your rental car from Cairns Airport and start your engines!

North to Port Douglas and Beyond

The sixty odd kilometer stretch of the Great Barrier Reef Drive from Cairns to Port Douglas is a tourist attraction in itself, dotted with spectacular views of beaches, crystal blue waters and impressive forests (and an obligatory oversized statue as found on all good Australian highways).

On arriving at Port Douglas, you'll note it's not quite like other towns. Port Douglas is where world class resorts and wonderful restaurants meet world Heritage listed natural wonders and is worth an overnight stay if you have the time. It is a favourite holiday spot for the elite including Hillary and Bill Clinton as well as divers, golfers and adventure sports people.

A further eighty or so kilometers north you'll arrive at Cape Tribulation, the best place for you to access the famed Daintree Rainforest. The town itself nestles between the rainforest and the breathtaking beach and has a wide range of accommodation options, from backpacker dorms to five star luxury.

Cape Tribulation

The Daintree Rainforest is 1200 square kilometers of lush, largely pristine, world heritage listed rainforest. It's the most ecologically important, complex forest on Earth and holds the key to 135 million years of flora and fauna evolution, so, it's worth taking a look! There are guided eco-tours with qualified scientists and there are walks to suit travelers of all fitness levels. Remember to always stick to the designated path and avoid contact with native plants and animals, not only to protect the delicate eco-system, but to protect yourself from Australia's native stingers, itchers, biters and killers. See a selection of some of the best Daintree Rainforest tours and attractions on this page.

South West to Atherton Tablelands

The picturesque Atherton Tablelands are home to heritage listed rainforest, mountains, waterfalls, volcano crater lakes, rivers and national parks. Nestled among the breathtaking natural features are quaint townships and roads that you'll love to explore. For the family, there's plenty of wildlife to spot and hiking trails in the national parks and surrounds. For the adventurer, there're water sports, white water rafting and hot air ballooning among other activities.

For the food lover, Atherton Tablelands is the heart of the North Queensland fresh food, wine and coffee industries and tasting tours are available.

North West to Kuranda

Kuranda is a favourite for both families and older travelers as the famed Kuranda Train and Scenic Railway offer travelers a comfortable tour option and the town features several native animal sanctuaries, galleries and other easy attractions.

The Kuranda Train and Scenic Railway departs Cairns Railway Station daily at 8.30am and tickets start from $170.00 per family for the return journey. For just under two hours, the train weaves its way around spectacular rainforest, waterfalls and ravines including the breathtaking Barron Gorge. Departure is at 2pm sharp, which some travelers find limiting as there is plenty to see in the town.

A good option is to take the Scenic Railway one way from Cairns to Kuranda and then take Skyrail for your return journey. The award winning Skyrail spans 7.5kms from Caravonica (15 minutes from Cairns) to Kuranda and gives passengers a bird's eye view of the rainforest canopy and all the stunning geographical features of the area. Each gondola cabin seats six and is a perfect option for small groups or families. Combination railway and skyrail tickets are available on varied Kuranda tour packages on this page here.

For drivers, Kuranda is about a half hour trip along the Captain Cook and Kennedy Highways.

For travelers looking for something a bit different, there are plenty of options within driving distance of Cairns. Children will love the Undara Lava Tubes, a colourful world of ancients stones left behind by an extinct volcano.

For those wishing to grab a glimpse of the Great Australian Outback, Chillagoe, just west of Mareeba, is home to a fascinating underground cave system and is coloured those oranges, reds and ochre that make up the Aussie outback. For those with more time, the Gulf Savannah region toward the Northern Territory Border is home to some stunning rocky features, and a host of authentic outback experiences like cattle driving and sheep sheering.

For those seeking a cultural experience beyond the Cairns art galleries, a glimpse into traditional Indigenous Australian life can be found at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. Performances, art and information about the history of this ancient culture are on show and it's a great option for families.

For sports lovers, the Mission Beach district offers wild white water rafting, snorkeling, diving, and a host of other sports for the brave traveler – you can also camp on your very own reef island or spend a little time lazing at a resort. Mission Beach is a great option for backpackers, sports lovers and families with teens.

Further flung is Cooktown, the ultimate destination for fishing enthusiasts. Cooktown is widely regarded as the best place to land that dream catch, Cooktown is home to stunning natural features and of course, its famous orchids – the Botanical Gardens are well worth a visit. All this and you haven't even set foot in the city centre or explored the reef! And you thought Cairns was the perfect place to relax and do nothing!

Getting Around

If you are wondering how to actually get around to all of these places, the solution is easy. Many of the activities will send a mini bus to pick you up from your Hotel so you don't have to worry about a thing. Alternatively, the easy solution is to rent a car o you can explore at your own pace and enjoy the country side at the same time.

Skyrail Gondolas

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Kuranda Tours | Self Drive | Kuranda Train | Half / Full Day | KQSD
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    Option 1.) 2 hours free time to explore Kuranda Village

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