Hartley's Crocodile Adventures Cairns Australia.

They laze in the sun for hours perfectly still like statues with their mouths wide open cooling off, prompting tourists to often ask if they are actually real. Their skin is greenish grey, hard and scaly reptilian armour.

They have huge teeth, and their jaw muscles are strong enough to crush bone and exert a pressure of several tons on their victims. At Hartley's Creek Crocodile Adventures Wildlife Park, hundreds of these prehistoric crocodiles live together in a natural environment based around a wildlife park and crocodile farm for tourists to visit and get up close and personal and learn about these shy creatures.

Where is Hartley's Crocodile Adventures

Hartley's Creek Crocodile Adventures is an eco tourism award winning accredited tourist attraction that has been created on a 10 hectare World Heritage site just 40 minutes north of Cairns Queensland Australia Cairns, Queensland Australia and 15 minutes drive north of Palm Cove and 20 minutes south of Port Douglas Port Douglas a relaxing scenic drive for the Family along the coastline at the foothills of the Mac Alister ranges. It's the ideal tourist attraction to call into for a visit if you are making the transit between Cairns and Port Douglas in a rental car.

Cairns Tourist Attraction

Hartley's Crocodile Adventures is also reputed as one of Australia's longest running and most successful crocodile shows, having operated since the late 1930s as the Halfway House for travelers between Cairns and Mossman Gorge with just one crocodile named old Charlie to keep customers amused whilst waiting for tea and scones to be served. Charlie the old crocodile resided at Hartleys from 1935 sadly succumbing to cancer in 2000.

Explore Hartley's Crocodile Adventure Park

With over 2100m of easy boardwalks and pathways to follow the whole family can discover the five distinct wildlife zones of this innovative tourist attraction and wildlife park. A multi-faceted eco-adventure facility, most areas of Hartleys' Crocodile Adventures can be explored independently, while others do require special transport and or a wildlife park tour guide for safety reasons. Please ensure children are supervised at all times when visiting the crocodile lagoon and pools as they may just be a bit too inquisitive and want to pet the irresistible crocodiles.

Hartley's Crocodile Lagoon

Take a boat cruise on the wetlands and try and spot the crocodiles lurking in the murky waters below. See them leap from the Hartleys' Lagoon to jump up and grab the chicken being dangled from a pole on the side of the boat. Just make sure you keep your arms inside the boat at all times as crocodiles do not discriminate on what is being offered in this lagoon at feeding times.

Hartley's Cassowary Walk

Cassowaries are under the threat of extinction in the not too distant future if something is not done to preserve our rainforests and the natural habitat of these giant birds. Hartley's Creek Crocodile Adventure Park has set up an informative sanctuary for visitors to explore and get to understand the fragility of our rainforests and what they mean to us as humans today and the existence of our future generations health. Cassowaries are one of the most important links in the survival and regeneration of our rainforests as they are the only animals capable of consuming and distributing large rare seeds around their habitat regenerating the rainforest as they go.

Please make donations to buy back the rainforests and let the Cassowaries do their job regenerating the rainforests and undergrowth for our future generations to enjoy. Help preserve our rainforests and Cassowaries.

Gondwana Gateway

Take an intriguing journey thru the evolution of Australia's unique animals and the continent they originated from 200 million years ago where dinosaurs once roamed. See stimulating interpretive signage on all exhibitions and see the living descendants of Australia's ancient past and how they have adapted to climate change over the years.

Take all the family for an adventure thru the wildlife discovery trail to see all the exotic species of tropical north Queensland animals on display. See huge old saltwater crocodiles basking in the sun and their smaller relatives the freshwater crocodile in the pens next door waiting to be fed. See the brilliant colorful tropical birds endemic to Cairns North Queensland, turtles, lizards, butterflies, huge pythons and of course Australia's cuddly koala.

No koalas are not bears they are mammals and keep their babies in their pouch for around six months until the baby koala is ready to come out and explore its surroundings. Whilst the crocodiles at Hartleys' Crocodile Wildlife Park are the main event, these Koala's are simply irresistible to children and adults alike. People come from all over the world to see these cute furry little creatures and have a photograph taken with them and have the opportunity to give them a cuddle at the same time.

Make sure you are back at this Wildlife Trail location at 2 .00 pm for the snake show and especially at 3.00 pm for "The World Famous Crocodile Attack Show". One of Hartleys zoo keepers bravely gets into a pen with a huge saltwater crocodile and hand feeds it a dead chicken.

The massive beast comes flying out of the water and jumps up and snatches the chicken from his hand and then stealth fully crawls backwards into the murky depths to drown and consume its victim. "Awsome" is the best word for the bravery of the Hartley's Zoo keeper doing this hand feeding day in day out with these temperamental and highly unpredictable beasts. We hope they are paid big danger money for their job.

Crocodiles crocodiles and even more crocodiles. When you are viewing the pens full of these animals look at them and imagine a new designer hand bag, new up market designer shoes being sold to the rich and famous in Europe and the America's and exotic leather belts and bracelets. Sustainable commercial farming of these animals further protects the ones in the wild from poaching and of course potential extinction. Hartleys' have been farming and exporting crocodile meat and skins since 1989 and have since gained a reputation world wide for the high quality skins they offer. The secret to good clean unblemished crocodile skins is the breeding of females for the fashion industry as they are less likely to fight and damage each others bodies thus making them more desirable for overseas buyers. At the Hartley's Crocodile Farm you'll see the violent feeding displays as big saltwater crocs fight for a position to snatch the food on offer. The crocodile farm is also an educational experience and you and your kids will feel enlightened to learn about the complex history of these adaptable and ancient reptiles. In addition to crocodiles at the farm, Koalas, Kangaroos, Cassowaries, Dingoes, Snakes and other reptiles native to Cairns Tropical North Queensland and Australia call it their home.

Hartley's opening and closing times

Open daily from 8:30am to 5:00pm, every day except Christmas Day
Special Events Corporate Functions Conferences at Hartley's Crocodile Adventures

Imagine having your corporate conference or special event function in a wildlife park at night with the sounds of the wildlife in the background. Dine in Lillies lagoon side restaurant right next to these ferocious crocodiles peeking at you from under the water and waiting for an opportunity to jump up and snap at whatever is on offer. Watch a crocodile presentation ringside from the Amphitheatre and see all the other native Australian animals. Hartley's Crocodile Adventures is a great place for corporate functions events and gala dinner presentations.

School Groups

An outdoor educational experience for school children to learn about Australia's native animals and how climate change has influenced the survival and transformation of animal species thru the generations. Groups are well catered for with coach transfers to and from Hartley's Crocodile Adventures.

9.30am Cassowary Feeding and Wetland Wildlife

Only in Australia is the heaviest native land animal a bird! Learn about these magnificent rainforest dwellers and help their keeper feed them. Why are they so endangered? Afterwards, join in a guided walk to our wetlands and feed turtles, fish and waterbirds. They, too, have their stories to tell.

10.00am Crocodile Farm Tour

Spend some time down on the farm! Find out how the sustainable commercial production of crocodile products contributes to the conservation of wild crocs and their habitat.

11.00am Crocodile Feeding

Come and watch a whole bunch of highly motivated Estuarine Crocodiles that know exactly what the time is, where to be and what to do. While they're being hand fed listen to the keeper put them in their environmental and evolutionary perspective in a presentation which also includes our less extroverted native Freshwater Crocodile.

1.30pm Crocodile Farm Tour

If you missed the morning farm tour then here is another chance to learn about the crocodile industry, what's in it for us and, perhaps more importantly, what's in it for the wild crocodiles.

2.00pm Snake Show

Australia has a reputation for deadly snakes. Some overseas visitors expect to see them on the airport tarmac! How real is their threat? How should you behave around them and what should you do if you are bitten? Our keepers separate the facts from the fallacies. Experience the beauty, mystery and diversity of these elegant Australians.

3.00pm Crocodile Attack Show

"The Best Crocodile Show in Australia TM". A professional, experienced zookeeper gets into the water with a professional, experienced crocodile! What happens next?

4.15pm Cassowary Feeding

It takes a lot of fruit to power a 60 kg bird. Having processed their morning feed our rainforest giants are ready for their afternoon one. What is the connection between this bird's appetite and a 30 metre tree? The answer is sure to surprise you.

4.30pm Koala Feeding

Koalas sleep most of the day and prefer to feed in the late afternoon and evening. Feed time is your chance to watch them come alive when presented with fresh gum leaves.

Lagoon Boat Ride amongst Crocodiles

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Coach Transfer to Hartleys Crocodile Adventures and discover the best place to see crocodiles in Tropical North Queensland. Get up close and personal with these pre-historic giants. Ride the river boat in a swamp full of crocodiles and see them jump up beside the boat for a treat. At 3.00pm watch the crocodile attack show and then have your photo taken holding a baby crocodile if you dare

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