Wildlife Zoos & Animal Attractions in Cairns, Australia

Cairns & Port Douglas in Far North Queensland Australia has a number of exciting boutique wildlife zoos, theme parks and animal attractions scattered throughout the region from Cairns to the Daintree Cape Tribulation Rainforest all with a distinct Tropical North Queensland theme for tourists to come and see the animals up close.

You will not only see a huge range of endangered animals from around the world but you will also see our very own highly endangered indigenous tropical animals of Cairns such as the pre-historic Southern Cassowary Bird, the endangered Lumholtz's and Bennett's Tree Kangaroos and Green Possums. Some other animals you will only meet in Tropical North Queensland are cute Mahogany Gliders, ferocious predatory Saltwater Crocodiles and colourful birds as well as shy nocturnal animals that you would normally never get to see unless you visit a zoo or wild life attractions such as those in Cairns Queensland Australia.

For some real animal interaction for the family and animal lovers you can enjoy, Lunch with Lorikeets or Breakfast with the Crocs. If you are feeling brave enough you can even have your photograph taken feeding a massive crocodile, sashaying a black headed python snake around your neck, holding a baby crocodile who’s jaws are held shut with just a piece of sticky tape or you can actually get up close, hold and cuddle a cute fur ball called the Koala, probably the most famous and most popular animals in all of the wildlife parks in Cairns, Port Douglas and Tropical North Queensland. 

Wildlife Zoos & Animal Attractions in Cairns, Australia

Cairns Animal Antics

Did you know Cairns is home to 13 Mammal species which are found nowhere else in the world? Have you ever seen a Green Possum or a Kangaroo climb a tree? Well you can in a Cairns and Tropical North Queensland Wildlife Zoo.  Cairns is also home to Australia's largest snake, the Scrub Python with specimens being found up to 8.5 metres long and YES Dragons do still exist here in Cairns in the form of the YES also Endangered Species of Boyd’s Primeval looking Forest Dragon but fear not we will not have to worry about Dragons too much longer if humans continue with their wasteful way of life and destroy rainforests and animal habitats.

All of the Cairns animal theme parks have an entry fee; however some can have multi pass tickets which will get you into a number of the animal attractions and parks at a discounted price. All the Cairns animal attraction theme parks are family friendly and will be adored by children and adults alike. The best time for the Family to visit these wildlife parks is when the animal shows are on so the kids can learn all about the habits of the wildlife animals on display.

A Little Tip: As you are in the tropics and it can get very hot during the middle of the day we recommend you make your animal zoo visits either early morning for breakfast with the animals or late in the afternoon, evening as the animals are more likely to be out and about and actively looking for food and a bit of play time e as it is a lot cooler during these times on a gorgeous tropical Cairns day.

Dining With The Animals In Cairns

In the mornings you can have breakfast with the Crocs at Hartley's Crocodile Adventure or Breakfast with the Birds at the Wildlife Habitat in Port DouglasLunch with lorikeets at The Wildlife Habitat or breakfast at Daintree Wild or stay the night in the B&B zoo farm stay accommodation and listen to all of the animal’s calls in the night.

A Little Tip: If you wish to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with the animals please ensure you pre-book a table to ensure there are available times to suit your arrival. The same applies to overnight accommodation at the Daintree Wild Zoo B&B    

Many of the Cairns wild life attractions cater to different themes so check the lists below to see which animal attractions catch your family’s attention. Some Cairns wildlife attractions are listed in a number of categories as they have a variety of different animals.

Flights of Fantasy - Cairns Birds & Butterflies

  • Birdworld
  • Daintree Mangroves Wildlife Sanctuary (Daintree Wild Zoo)
  • Australian Butterfly Sanctuary
  • Cairns Wildlife Dome

Cold Blooded Bities - Cairns Reptiles

Cute, Furry Cairns Creatures - Mammals

Group Bookings, Incentive Groups, Cairns Conference Enquiries

If you have any questions about booking an incentive, conference or school group to hold a function or special event dinner at any of the wildlife parks on this page or if you have some other specific requests, please Contact us at info@cairnsholidayspecialists.com.au  detailing  you're group requirements or if you prefer please call us on (07 ) 4059 5959 so you may speak to one of our conference group specialists. Please include any information that will help us assist you to put the conference event together, including the number of conference delegates or members in your group or the ages of your children and we will help you choose the best Cairns or Port Douglas Wildlife experience for your group.

Cairns Wildlife Day Tour Bookings

While all of the wildlife parks in Cairns allow walk in visitors and charge an entry fee, most parks are in out of the way locations which don't allow easy access without a rent a car or a coach transfer. For this reason, there are many day tour operators in Cairns who package entry to many of the wildlife parks as part of their full day or half day tours.

This is great because many of the animal parks are smaller boutique specialty zoos where people can spend two or more hours in with the interactive animal shows being run and repeated thru the day to ensure you do not miss anything.

Please take a peek at the Tour Tab above to see the list of tour companies that will take you and your family to the wildlife parks of Cairns Tropical North Queensland as part of their sightseeing tours and activities below.

There are many flexible Kuranda Skyrail and Scenic Rail package due to the overwhelming number of visitors who wish to experience the regions wildlife attractions of Kuranda and Cairns combined with the Skyrail Cableway and Kuranda Scenic Railway all in just one day. Free entry to the top three wildlife attractions in Kuranda is now included in your ticket; Birdworld, The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary and Koala Gardens. This tour package is an outstanding and comprehensive tour of the most popular tourist attractions in Kuranda and a great value combination day tour.

Your Skyrail experience will take approximately 1½ hours one way, and your Kuranda Scenic Railway 1¾ hours. Skyrail can commence or conclude at either the Caravonica or Kuranda, and the Kuranda Scenic Railway can commence or conclude at Cairns Central Station, Freshwater Station or Kuranda Station depending on your preferred direction of travel and location.

Booking in advance is required as the Kuranda Train and Skyrail are the top tourist attractions and tickets are via pre-purchase only. Both attractions frequently book out during peak season and school holidays. Prices are per person; families please review the child policy also.

Tropical North Queensland Animals on Extinction List

Indigenous animals that we may never have seen nor ever heard or read about are vital to the health and management of our surrounding environment in ways we probably have never taken the time to even think about. They go about their daily and night time rituals of gardening and distributing seeds and cleaning our waterways and keeping the eco balance in order. The Cycle of Life – The Food Chain. Without these animals humans would not be able to survive on this planet!

No wonder Sir David Attenborough thinks The Great Barrier Reef "is surely the world’s most incredible environment", he also said about the Daintree & Cape Tribulation Rainforest "People think the Amazon is a great place for jungles. But the north of Queensland is fantastic, and very few people go there".

Some Of The Highly Endangered Animal Species of Tropical North Queensland Australia

The spotted-tailed quoll or tiger quoll (a carnivorous marsupial), Spectacled Flying Fox, a huge amount of various frog species, the Northern Bettong (a potoroid marsupial), Water Mouse, Bridled Nailtailed Wallaby, Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat, Mahogany Glider, Northern Bettong, Southern Spotted Tailed Quoll, Greater Bilby, Julie Creek Dunnart (a marsupial), Dugong, Blue Whale, and many species of sea turtle.

Donate Today: You can help to save these animals (which are also vital to human survival) and the rainforests for future generations by donating to Rainforest Rescue, Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, Seashepherd, Greenpeace.

Some of the reasons animals of Tropical North Queensland Australia are on the endangerment of extinction list are due to loss of habitat thru the introduction of non-indigenous grasses and aquatic plants, the introduction of cane toads, feral pigs, die back of trees by root fungus, loss of terrestrial climatic habitat caused by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, domestic animals such as cats, dogs, fish, sheep, cattle and of course human invasion of habitats with rainforest destruction, the use of chemicals in farming, poaching and illegal trade.

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(1) Coach up the mountain and coach down the mountain perfect for those guests scared of heights. (Guests self driving from Cairns Northern Beaches can be met at Freshwater Train Station) (2) Visit to Rainforestation Nature Park (3) 30 minute Aboriginal cultural tour (4) 45 min to 1 hour Amphibious army duck tour (5) Choice of afternoon in Kuranda (No Free Entry to Butterfly Sanctuary) or stay at Rainforestation Nature Park and upgrade to lunch and other park activities.

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