Helifishing in Far North Queensland

There are some fishing spots in Australia you simply can't reach by car, no matter how serious of a four-wheel-drive it is. Remote terrain, rivers or cliffs can prevent us from ever reaching those special locations, teeming with fish, where we'd just love to throw a line in - possibly for the first time ever in that spot!

Helifishing changes all that and provides the means to access some incredible waterways that not only amazing fishing spots, but beautiful natural locations in their own right. This is fishing for the 21st century.

As well as being able to reach otherwise inaccessible locations, helicopters can be used to race out and meet the boat when it is on the reef, saving guests hours of motoring on the boat and providing incredible scenic views on a short helicopter ride instead! 

If you're keen to explore the exciting world of Helicopter Fishing, contact us and we can make it happen. 

Cairns Helifishing in Far North Queensland

The locations accessible to helicopter are numberless, so on a helifishing tour visitors experience fishing on a level very few of us can dream of.

There are two helifishing options available from Cairns, one that heads west into the Outback to target Barramundi on the Mitchel River, and one that heads east to meet a private charter vessel on the Great Barrier Reef to target reef and game fish such as Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Tuna and Mackerel. 

The benefits of a helifishing adventure don't stop just at fishing however. You'll also take in amazing scenery, go crocodile spotting, hunt for other animals, and enjoy the seclusion of the Australian outback.

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Helicopter Transfer Available Cairns Reef Fishing Private Charter

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Cairns Fishing & Snorkeling Full Day Private Charter Boat
  • Departs From: D Finger, Marlin Marina, Cairns
  • Duration:

    9 hours approx


Enjoy a half day of amazing reef and game fishing on the Great Barrier Reef with a helicopter transfer to meet the boat on the reef. You save over an hour by taking the helicopter and also get to experience the spectacular view of the Great Barrier Reef from the air - giving you a sense of appreciation for this incredible ecosystem before you begin your exciting afternoon of fishing. Helicopter transfers back to Cairns are also available.

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